Gimme, Gimme More


I started taking Appeton last night. Not that I'm really serious on gaining weight, I just wanna know if it's as effective on weight gain as the Ling Zhi capsules I used to take but can't take anymore because it was the reason for my hypokalemia last year. I really hope Appeton's main ingredient is protein as it says on the label and not steroids. I don't wanna be confined to the ICU anymore with all the wires attached to my body.

Anyway, I hope David Cook wins. Gaspy Archuleta sings more "identifiable" songs but David Cook sings better and offers us with more flavor. It's just like saying that I hope singing contests here in the country will somehow change as time comes... Umm, why do the likes of Sheryn Regis and Sarah Geronimo always bag the title? Can the likes of Grace Nono or Joey Ayala win, too? IMHO, they are more vocally talented than the Sheryns who scream like there's no more tomorrow.



Connie Talbot

The Couch Princess


I love this dog. She lives on couches, and people's laps. Quite spoiled by now.



The community where I am from celebrates the Feast of Joseph the Worker every first day of May. Fiesta. But honestly I haven't heard of Joseph the Worker before we moved here. I was more aware of Joseph the Dreamer. Google tells me, though, that there really is a "the worker" in contrast to what I thought that people from here just invented "the worker" since the fiesta falls on May 1st, which is also when we celebrate the Labor Day. So labor=work. But whatever. I hate fiestas, or such celebrations. Or perhaps it's what they do during fiestas which I don't like. It's supposed to be a saint's feast. A religious practice. But what most people do is get drunk, and compete with each homeowner on who owns the loudest speakers.

Good thing it started raining late afternoon. The streets sort of cleared after that.

But real hard rain started pouring THIS afternoon. It was kinda gloomy after lunch. My favorite kind of weather. That's why I decided to take this pic.

Notice the print on the yellow flag, lower right of the pic. San Miguel Beer sponsored the banderitas. That's why people were motivated to get drunk. And yeah that's the sky on the background. Really dark. Love it.



Mother went to the mall last Tuesday to pay the Meralco bill and she said she ended up at the Animal House Pet Clinic looking for things to buy for Princess. She was kinda disappointed because all they had was a ball for a toy. She was thinking of buying something more fun to look at or something that emits a sound when pressed. They don't even have a dog hair brush so she just bought one at the department store. The two smaller balls in the pic are not earrings. They're bells.

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