Happy New Year!


2008 had been a meaningful year - been in and out of trials, of love, and hate. And I must say that the experiences had made me a better person, a more responsible one. I have also learned to love myself more this year, to spend more time for "me."

So much to thank for, really. But of all the beautiful things that happened, one thing that stood out the most was Princess, my beautiful, beautiful dog with such perfect attitude to coincide with mine. And Princess isn't just remarkable because of that, she's actually the living proof that The Secret does work.

Years go by; they come, go and never come back. Much like people in our lives. And so much like them, we say goodbye to them but their memories live on in our minds. In just a few hours we must say goodbye to 2008. Let's take a moment to thank God for everything that was, and pray that 2009 be a better, more fruitful year for all of us.

Happy New Year everyone!

Takipsilim No More


So it seems that the worst news ever this month isn't true. ABS-CBN has already released an official statement regarding the Twilight thing. It seems that a miscommunication caused it. But is it really that? Cuz Perez Hilton reported that when the news about Takipsilim broke out, the creators of Twilight immediately acted on it. Could it be the reason for the erratum? Oh well, I guess "people" should really stop copying ideas. Nakakahiya!

Target Shooting


Sometimes, we get really mad that we feel like throwing the nearest thing we can grasp at someone. And thanks to the Iraqi reporter who taught us that if we can't find anything to throw, we can use our shoes to hit someone.

Here you might need a practice:



Been busy. What with all the Christmas preparations, sleepovers and parties. I still keep myself posted, though. I always start and end my day by checking my feed reader. And you know how the extremely good and extremely bad stuff are retained in your memory even after a while? During the days I wasn't actively blogging, I can say that the best news that came my way was the announcement of HP Mini 1000. Real cool netbook. They say it's even better than the mini-note.

Click here for the review.

Well that's for the extremely good. And what's for the extremely bad? Well, I really, really don't know how to react regarding the rumor that Twilight is having a Tagalog version (Takipsilim). LOL! And it's said to star Shaina Magdayao and Rayver Cruz. Good grief! I just hope that the (another) rumor belying it is the one that's true. Nakakahiya!



I'm so lazy I only wrapped things to give the kids this morning. To think that my sister bought those first week of December (I think).

Nanay is so lucky Selecta sponsored her giveaways.

My 12-year-old 11-year-old nephew Juan is now a blogger. He called me yesterday to ask how he can have his own blog and I gave him the sites (gmail and blogger). He already have 2 posts as of this writing.



This is Doc Erich's pasalubong from Australia slash Christmas giveaway. After my session, he took out a plastic case from his desk drawer with two remaining key chains. He let me choose and I picked the crocodile over another Australian animal I am not familiar with. Crocodile also reminds me of Survivor Philippines LOL. (Is it Naak or Jarakay?)

Nanay's already furious with Selecta. Her two freezers are now really empty (actually they're already unplugged) because Selecta keeps on delaying her orders. First, her agent was supposed to take her order Thursday last week. He arrived Saturday. And that's only after we texted him to remind him of our appointment. So the orders were placed Saturday morning, and needless to say, delivery should be Sunday. It's already Tuesday now. My nanay's already so mad she didn't open her store today LOL!

A Robot Shirt and a New Hair


Angel went shopping Friday and I gave her a thousand to buy me a shirt. For no reason. I just want a new shirt LOL. She went home with this (a louder LOL).

It's a P399 shirt from Penshoppe. And I thought shirt prices ranges from 500 up. I never had a shirt with a robot print even when I was a kid. And idk what made Angel think that I'd like such design. But anyway I wore it to the ortho yesterday. And yea Doc Erich didn't recognize me until he saw Princess. He had never seen me kalbo before. He greeted me with a very polite "Ano po?" when I entered his clinic then threw into a fit when he realized it was me.

This is the before and after pic I took at the barber shop last Friday.

Sa May Bahay...


I was in my mom's store two nights ago when it finally dawned on me it's really Christmas.

I love (looking at) kids. I know they're having so much fun doing this and thinking it's Christmas time (and I believe the season's mainly for them). I just hope I didn't look like them when I caroled as a kid.

Anybody Home?


I just thought I had to post =)

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