Dog magazine July 2012


A very cute and healthy Pomeranian is on the cover of Dog magazine’s July 2012 issue.


Dog lovers will surely get a copy of the mag which boasts of features like Dog Agility, rules to follow when out with your dog, smart toys for dogs, The Lowdown On Your Dog’s Diet, and a lot more.

Dog magazine is available in better magazine stands nationwide.

I wonder if my Princess can get to cover this pub in the future. LoL!

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Bestfriend na rin kita


Last Sunday, after the feeling of being at the brink of flu for quite a few days, I finally bought something that I “overheard” on Twitter.


It was actually a celebrity I follow on the microblogging site who posted the message that Berocca is her bestfriend during the rainy season.

I Googled about it and found out that it’s a multivitamin brand, and told myself that if it’s not from a Chinese drugstore, I’d be willing to try. I’m not being racist, though. I just had a very bad experience with the Chinese vitamin brand Ling Zhi.

Anyway, before going to church last Sunday, I dropped by Watsons to buy myself the smallest package of Berocca available. And it’s by 10’s. Costs a lot more than my usual Enervon but I was desperate on stopping the flu that I knew would hit me anytime soon.

It was just funny that I thought it’s the usual vitamin tablet that you put in your mouth and swallow down with water. I bought a bottle of mineral water and while still inside SM, I opened the package of Berocca. After fumbling with the seal and the paper wrapper, I took out one tablet and was about to put it in my mouth when I realized it’s so big to swallow like that. Lesson: read the packaging. And after learning that you have to mix the tablet with a glass of water, I forced it to fit the mouth of the water bottle I bought. LoL!

Drank some on my way to church and finished all of it before I got back home.

The next morning (Monday), I woke up still feeling a little heavy but not as much like the previous days. Since I took that first Berroca tablet, I have stopped taking Bioflu since I had been taking it for three days already to no effect.

I took Berocca again Monday morning and by Monday night, I was feeling so normal I wanted to kiss the package of Berocca for taking away that sick feeling.


This is neither a paid post nor a press release.

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The Case Logic TBC-306


I didn’t wanna bring my DSLR bag, the one that came in the package, because it’s a little bulky and it won’t fit my backpack. I knew slinging the camera bag on my shoulders while commuting would be an invitation for snatchers to “come and get it.”

So I’ve been leaving the camera bag at home and putting my camera inside my backpack, cushioning it with clothes…


I knew it’s not okay to let the camera juggle with my stuff inside the backpack. So when I chanced upon this small Case Logic DSLR bag (model code TBC-306), I bought it in an instant. And that impulse buy left me with just 10 pesos in my pocket when I arrived home.

No regrets, though.


Aside from main compartment, it has a front and two side pockets where you can put your extra memory card, lens cap, or in my case, coins and a packet of tissue. You can also stuff the side pockets with extra cushion if you’re paranoid like that.


It comes with a sling, but I think I’m not gonna use it since I bought a camera bag that small so I can put it inside my backpack. :D

Nanay always tells me to tone it down when commuting.

2012-06-18 15.02.00

My Nikon fits snuggly inside the Case Logic.

And just look at its size difference from the free camera bag:


The bigger one, however, is padded enough and fits the camera and the lens separately, plus another small lens at the same time. The Case Logic can only accommodate my Nikon with its stock lens attached. You can’t blame it, though, because it’s so small… And (again) I wanted a small one so it would fit in my backpack.

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Going back to Mt. Maculot’s Rockies


I went back to Mt. Maculot two Saturdays ago (June 9) with a friend who has never climbed a mountain before.


It wasn’t planned, actually. I was looking at my mountain climbing photos Friday night and decided I will climb the day after. I logged onto Facebook, checked who’s online and messaged random friends. Diego responded positively and we left a few hours later.

We were at the registration in Cuenca by 6:30 AM. I actually intended to get there earlier but I still had to do so much that we were able to leave Taguig at 3 AM.

Why I wanted to climb early? Because it was the Freedom Climb weekend.

We were the first to register that day, but I was particularly slow due to not having even a minute of sleep (oh, reasons!) and I was with a virgin (it was Diego’s first mountain) so a group of three girls from Team Injury plus a solo hiker from Muntinlupa went past us. LoL! That made me miss my climbing buddy K. He wouldn’t let anyone do that to us, so he’d push me in the mildest possible way (so I wouldn’t get mad and leave him to summit alone) to keep on walking.


We reached the Rockies campsite just a few minutes (in fairness) behind the girls and the solo hiker. The four were resting in the cottage together with a couple who spent the night. Diego and I didn’t wanna waste time (hah!) so we headed straight to the Rockies.

It was a clear day, no fog at all and the sky was crisp blue and the clouds few and picturesque. I wanted to take opportunity of the weather because the Taal Lake was covered with fog when I first went there, and it was stormy during my second visit.


The four followed after a while and I was thankful to them that on my third time at the Rockies, I was able to go as far down as the “dila” (or whatever it is called). It wasn’t windy at all. I wouldn’t dare tread the edges of the Rockies if it was.


Diego was ecstatic. I knew the Rockies was perfect to introduce newbies to mountain climbing. The thrill (of climbing the almost vertical wall of the Rockies and being on edges of big rocks) and the fantastic view of the lake and Taal Volcano will encourage them to climb more.


Anyway, after taking gazillion pictures, we were back at the campsite at exactly 9 AM. And since we literally had no food and Diego’s water bottle was already empty, we hurried back down.

It was sad, however, that I have a very sensitive stomach, so I chose to just eat at downtown Lipa. Safest for me, aside from Nanay’s cooking, are fastfoods. I hate to say this but even the hotdog sandwich in MLQU (during one of my trips up there for hiking activities) made my stomach upset.

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Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan!


Check out this animated video of the Philippine National Anthem from National Historical Commission of the Philippines and Rock Ed Philippines. This was especially made for the 2012 celebration of the Philippine Independence Day.

It is the tune acceptable to the NHCP and it is a march. Reminds me (and I hate it) that our country was in military rule for a long time.

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines and Rock Ed Radio present this fully animated music video of the Philippine National Anthem.

ARNOLD ARRE directed and animated.

This fully animated video of the Philippine National Anthem is NHCP and ROCK ED RADIO's gift to all Filipinos to mark the nation's 114th Independence Day.

Note from Rock Ed Radio: We allow use and downloading of this video especially for purposes of ceremony. Anyone can screen this video as accompaniment to a flag ceremony, a closing rite, etc. If your school, corporation, event, company, family, would like to use this video, we only request that you do so with the proper nod to the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines and that you acknowledge the artists involved in the production of this video. If user of this video is found not abiding by the Heraldic Law, kindly report to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines for proper action.

Maraming Salamat po at maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan sa lahat.

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UP Mountaineers says “freedom for the mountains”


U.P. Mountaineers is inviting enthusiasts to its annual applicant’s orientation with a catchy message on its poster that says: “Freedom from mass climbing is freedom for the mountains.”


I couldn’t agree more.

The annual applicant’s orientation will be held on July 6, 2012 (Friday) at 6 PM at the U.P. Bahay ng Alumni in Diliman, Quezon City, and on July 7, 2012 (Saturday) at 7 PM at R.O.X Bonifacio High Street in Taguig City.

For more information, you may contact You may also call +63 927 799 0889 or visit their Facebook page at

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Tour de So. Leyte 2012 Road Bike Competition


Join the 5th Gov. Damian Gaviola Mercado Tour de So. Leyte 2012 Road Bike Competition on June 24 and 25, 2012.


There are two (2) categories namely the Open Pro and Category B/Executive. Each team for both categories should have four (4) members.

Prizes for the Open Category:

1. P25,000
2. P20,000
3. P15,000
4. P10,000
5. P5,000

Lap Winner:

1st – P1,500
2nd – P1,000
3rd – P500

Prizes for the Executive Category:

1. P20,000
2. P15,000
3. P10,000
4. P7,500
5. P5,000

Lap Winner:

1st – P1,500
2nd – P1,000
3rd – P500

You may register at Silago Gym on June 23, 2012 at 4:00 PM for a fee of P1,000.

For more info, contact Dr. Wency Rich at 09177211787 or Jonas Gorgonio at 09179280264/09493926670.

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How to get to Lucban, Quezon


I recently visited Lucban, Quezon with my friend K last month for the famous Pahiyas Festival. (Read about my Pahiyas 2012 experience here.)


There’s a Sta. Cruz route but we opted for the Lucena route since I frequent that part and I think it’s the easier one for commuters. Just my opinion, though.

We wanted an aircon bus cuz we left so early in the morning and we wanted to sleep through the trip to Lucena but the aircon one would leave at 5:00 AM so we opted for the ordinary bus which would leave sooner.

A & B Liner left Alabang at 3:30 AM. Despite the hard seats, K and I were still manage to sleep through most of the trip. We were charged P147.00 each. K could have gotten a discount for being a student but the ticket has already been printed by the time he said “estudyante ‘yong isa.”

We reached Lucena Grand Terminal at exactly 6:30 AM and rejoiced to know that Jollibee was open.

Past 7:00 AM, the Lucban-bound jeep we boarded in the same terminal departed, and we were already roaming the streets of Lucban a little past 8:00 AM.

It was quite an experience with all those colorful houses and festive mood. It was also such an experience eating pancit habhab and that heavenly buko shake.

Anyway, on our way back to Manila, we boarded an aircon Dela Rosa bus and K was quick to say that he’s a student. He was charged P144 to Alabang, while I paid P180. There’s a catch to that, though, cause we were three suspicious-looking men who boarded the bus in different stops but they were somehow looking at one another every so often. We decided to drop off somewhere in Tiaong, Quezon and we didn’t argue anymore about fare refund.

We boarded another bus and paid another P99 to Alabang.

K was the first to notice the suspicious men. One was actually sitting across the aisle from me, the other at my back and the third three to four seats front of us.

The one across the aisle from me was burly, and he would look at us everytime K would try to tell me something. One more thing, he had this big black bloated duffel on his lap, but we could tell the bag wasn’t full because it like deflates when he puts his hand on it. And he was careful not put enough weight on the bag with his hand so it would remain looking full.

The minute K told me about his suspicions, I reached inside my backpack where my DSLR was and carefully removed the memory card. It was funny but if my camera would get stolen, I would really plead to have the memory card back. Lots of memories in there.

K, meanwhile, had with him his father’s 40k Canon DSLR so he was really nervous. Of course, his father wouldn’t kill him for that, but I’m sure he’d wish he’s dead if that happens.

Anyway, here’s the very short summary of how to get to Lucban, Quezon from Alabang:

- Board a Lucena Grand Terminal-bound bus – P147.00 for non-aircon; P180 for aircon
- In the same Lucena terminal, board a jeepney going to Lucban – P35
- Walk to town or opt to ride a tricycle (P10)

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Father’s Day gift ideas


Don’t have a gift for you Dad yet? Here are some gift ideas that you can get him for Father’s Day.


I wish I still have someone to give a gift to on June 17th.

But, oh well, I have the same (type of) bag but in fake leather from Folded & Hung:


I’m loving Pedro’s color better, though.

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Separated at birth


Who does American Idol 11 top 3 Joshua Ledet remind me of?


True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis aka Lafayette Reynolds:


Anyway, season 5 of True Blood is gonna premiere on June 10th. Have you subscribed to HBO yet?

One of the things I’m obsessed about in True Blood, though, is the opening theme. Makes me wanna do “Bad Things.” Kidding!

Here are the trailers for season 5:

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