Jejemon Translator


What's this buzz about Jejemon?

Okay, to be honest, I only learned about it like 3 weeks ago when those I follow on Twitter started talking about it. And to be honest, too, I have a friend who types LiKe ThIs.

I actually find it just okay. At least these kids try to be creative in the form of past time they have now - texting.

And yeah I have no problem with reading Jejemon text, too. But no, I don't type like a Jejemon.

I just don't know what this Jejemon translator site is for -

Is this made for those who wanna be a Jejemon?

Ehrlichia Strikes Back


Princess's white blood count went so low again yesterday. 30 of the normal 200-500. I decided to have her blood test yesterday cuz she's acting sad for the past few days. And she was suffering from diarrhea Thursday night. So off we went to Animal House in Jupiter St. for the 2nd time this year.

She's on antibiotics again. And Jetepar, which was so hard to acquire. I called numerous Mercury Drug branches and was informed each time that Jetepar had been out-of-stock for a long time already. Another bad news is that there's no alternative meds for Jetepar. Unique drug, as one pharmacist told me.

Good thing I don't give up easily, I searched for more Mercury Drug branches and lo and behold, the one in Vito Cruz extension still had 4 pieces of 60 ml bottles. I reserved them all and sent Angel to buy them.

Anyway, while waiting to be attended by the vet, I saw this cute poster on Animal House's billboard.

So do you wanna adopt a cat? Just call Cara at 0915-890-5535. Or visit or email

I know I don't like cats. But then I never treated them bad.

Britney Spears - Telephone(?)


Leaked version of Telephone, sung by Britney Spears.

So which version do you think is better?

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