The very first concert I saw was New Kids On The Block's at the football field of the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex in 1992. I wasn't a big fan, but a fan nonetheless. I remember (unsuccessfully) trying very hard to reach Joey McIntyre's high notes and trying to look disheveled like Donnie Wahlberg. I also remember wondering why Jonathan Knight and Danny Wood don't have solo pieces, or if they did, why didn't it become as popular as the other three's.

I liked them. But it was something I could not tell my friends. It was the time when everyone was in the band scene. Eraserheads and the other sensible bands of the music industry aside from The Dawn seem to be from that period. Everyone was trying to learn how to play the guitar. My father bought me one, actually, to the delight of my brother. I never wanted to play the guitar until much recently that I even enrolled myself in a classical guitar course.

I also liked Eraserheads but my fondness came much much later when they weren't that "hot" anymore. I don't know but it seems that I don't like to be part of the norm. Just like how I digged NKOTB even if I knew my friends would have laughed at me if they found out.

New Kids On The Block is having a reunion tour, by the way. And that is why I am now reunited with the fandom. They're all grown up. The youngest of the group (Joey) is now 35. Not too old. I'm sure they can still do their old stuff. Would Manila be in their destination list? Hope so.


I was only able to watch the latter part of Good Times. Darn. I hope some good soul would post it on YouTube. And speaking of YouTube, what's this AT&T thing about the internet reaching full capacity by 2010? I was sad (really sad) when I read the article. They say that the current system won't be able to cope with the increasing amount of videos being uploaded. Blaming YouTube? Uhh, many people guess it's just their way of saying they should charge more. Or perhaps it's a strategy to "regulate" internet use. Too much freedom of expression?

Atonement 28 Days Later


I was quite happy yesterday and decided to give myself a time. Uhh, and I mean time. Literally. Allowed myself to sit back and have time to watch a movie, courtesy of movie6.net. Ehmm, that's the only thing I can reward myself with.

Anyway, I tried to get lost in Atonement again. It's one of the few movies I can watch over and over. I guess Briony wouldn't feel as much guilt if Cee and Robie hadn't died.

I also watched 28 Days Later. What would you feel if you woke up one morning to find that you're the only one alive? I guess I'd freak out, call an infected to bite me, or kill myself.



As it turned out, my mother gave away three of her kittens the night before Resty was about to "deliver" the dog. Mother knows Resty, he's actually one of her favorites among my friends (if not the only favorite). I guess that's the reason why she didn't refuse when I told her I'd be owning a shih tzu. Because it's from Resty. What she did was to give away three of her kittens to make room for another dog in the house. I actually thought she won't like the shih tzu. I thought that somehow I'd be fighting for the shih tzu's right to stay in the house, or I'd somehow be blamed for the "eradication" of her three kittens. But Resty went (a day late) with Princess the shih tzu. Mother was the one who answered the door. Lo and behold! She was beaming with delight about how cute the dog was.

This is Princess, born March 9, 2007.

I kinda don't like her hair. It wasn't professionally done. Resty was the one who gave her the haircut before handing her over. She had a case of stress diarrhea for like 4 days from the day we had her but that's just about it. She's a healthy little shih tzu. Little. As if there's a big shih tzu. She doesn't wanna eat on occasion, in which case I have to call one of my mother's cats.

She follows me around and sleeps on my bed.

Shih Tzu!


I wasn't able to blog for two weeks. Fourteen days of turmoil, decisions, heartaches, and sleepless nights. But it's over now. Everything has an end to it. Even if for a time you thought it's forever.

Now I can breathe a little easier. I don't have anything to be paranoid about anymore.


Resty called a little while ago. He wants me to adopt his shih tzu for a while. He's calling it quits with his wife. The wife gets to bring the child (a four-month old adopted baby), and Resty gets the shih tzu, which I am adopting for I don't know how long. I immediately said yes, for the thrill of having a dog the kind of which I never had before. A shih tzu! Angel (my niece) is also excited. But I'm gonna have a problem about it with my mother. For sure. We already own two dogs with large appetite who both eat table food. There's an ongoing rice shortage in the country. And Resty informed me his shih tzu also eat table food.

I just hope mother finds the shih tzu cute.

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away


I'm really, really thankful that it rained this afternoon even just for a while. It somehow lessened the heat we've been experiencing for days now. The evening news, though, reported that it will even get hotter in the middle of summer, somewhere around May. A heatwave might even occur. Heatwave was described as a long week of scorching 37 to 38 degrees centigrade... And I can't even stand 30.

I'm so unproductive when it's hot. My head aches, i can't sleep, I can't focus on anything but the heat. I miss rainy days. It's when I accomplish a lot of things.


Brian Gorrell was in the news earlier. His hilltop home and his two dogs were also shown. That was the property he sold so he could start a life here in Manila. He should hand over the property to its new owner in three months. He would be moving to Canada.

His blog was also shown, but the pics were solarized. They didn't even mention names. Just referred to the Gucci Gang as the "socialites".

I wonder why they reported it just now. I'm sure they are aware of it from the start.


They're having Dolly Parton week on AI. I wonder, really wonder, what Ramiele would be singing. I can't think of any Dolly Parton song fit for her but I Will Always Love You. And I mean the Whitney Houston version. Oh bless Ramiele. Her studio version of Alone, btw, is verryyyy good. Go download. I only heard it in YouTube.

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