How Not To Greet A Dog


You might be fond of dogs and love touching every cute furry friend you meet. But how do you approach them? Do you present yourself to them in a way that they consider friendly?


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I love bridges. Especially old ones.

Kara David at Puente de Malagonlong

The one above is called Puente de Malagonlong in Tayabas, Quezon. It is the longest stone bridge in the Philippines from the Spanish colonial era.

Puente de Malagonlong is featured in tonight’s episode of I-Witness titled “Ang Lihim ng mga Lumang Tulay” (The Secrets of Old Bridges), a documentary by Kara David.

Here’s the teaser:

I-Witness airs Mondays at 11:30 PM on GMA-7

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Trouble with malfunctioning machine


It was irritating that I traveled all the way from Taguig to Alabang with my dog because Animal House-Alabang was supposed to have a lab… and then not.


I knew something’s wrong with Princess yesterday because she wouldn’t eat her treat, so I wanted to have CBC done to know exactly what the problem was. In AH-Alabang, the vet collected blood samples (which she did thrice because the first two attempts were unsuccessful). But When she was already running the CBC, she told me the machine malfunctioned and that she’d just call me later that day for the results. The technician, according to her, will arrive a little later.

Darn, right? I traveled that far for nothing. I could’ve just gone to Animal House-Bicutan, which doesn’t have a lab but is so near my place, had I known I wouldn’t get the results right away. Same process, Bicutan would also phone me the results afterwards, but less trouble traveling and less time consumed.

Can’t Alabang have a backup machine? I remember the same incident has happened to me in the same establishment some two years ago. A lot of pet owners I know only rely on Animal House-Alabang and Animal House-Makati for their pets’ lab tests. Would it really hurt to have a backup?  They have a lot of clients, for goodness’ sake. Investing in another machine would make their service better.

Anyway, Princess’ temp was 40. After the three ‘tusok’ for blood sample, it became 40.5. She’s okay now, though. Not as enthusiastic for the treat like two days ago, but at least she eats it already.

And the vet just called in to tell me Princess’ platelets have again went down to 120. Normal is 200-500. I have to give her Vibravet for three weeks.

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