Status Mag's Boys Teen's Wear Shoot


I love behind-the-scenes vids.

Status Mag's behind-the-scenes video of SM Boys Teen's Wear shoot.

When Is Really It?


TicketNet says May 16th

SM Mall of Asia also says May 16th

But John Mayer's website says October 1st

So when is it really?

Another Phone Lost


The first time I lost a phone was when the hippest was still Nokia 5110. Bought it for 7k with a Globe SIM that cost Php900.

Cell phone signals then (of either Smart or Globe) sucked. I would go by the front door of the shop to get a decent signal whenever I wanted to text/call. One time I accidentally left it on a table by the door when a client called me for something. It was gone when I finally remembered I left it there.

The next one was a less-than-3-month-old Nokia 6260. It was so cool back then. 18k. It was on my desk while I was doing some paper works.

I just noticed it was gone when I needed to text someone.

That fateful day, I decided to never buy a cell phone that exceeded 4k.

So I bought a Nokia 3100 and liked it.

But just like the previous ones, it got stolen. But this time I knew who took it. I never told anyone about it, though, because he's a friend. I didn’t even confront him. I valued our friendship more than the phone. But I don’t hear from him anymore. Baka nakonsensya.

So I bought another one. A Nokia 1680.

It, too, was taken from my pocket last Saturday night on our way out of the Pulp. I felt sad. Not because of the phone (sanay na ako and it's on buy 1 take 1 now at SM) but because of two things: 1. Because my PLDT Landline Plus SIM was there. Not inserted but I always put it on top of the battery before I put on the cover. The thief might use it to call long distance, much worse, overseas. I couldn't have it terminated at once because it was past midnight when I arrived home and come 12, you cannot talk to any 171 operator anymore. Come Sunday, I learned that you can't block the SIM by calling an operator. I needed to go to a business office, present a notarized affidavit of loss and ask for a replacement SIM. Can't unsubscribe from it because it has a 2-year lock-in period.

My sister volunteered to do it herself cuz after all, it's her name on the PLDT account. If I'd be the one to go there, I'd still need an authorization letter plus another affidavit stating that she has married and is now using a different surname. Such work.

But I'm sad because she's so busy as today is the first day of construction of their apartment building in Las Pinas. Not to mention her husband is in the country which makes her doubly busy.

They're currently in Southmall now. She said she'd drop by the PLDT office there after having lunch.

2. That phone was the reason of my happiness for the past week. Yea actually exactly a week Saturday night.

Perhaps the Lord has realized I'm overly happy that it's bad?

I cannot live without a phone, though. So I bought one yesterday. The cheapest Nokia I could find.

I called Gerald to go with me to the mall. I was so sad (and still am) that I couldn't bear going alone.

I promise to take a good care of this new phone. Cheap as it may be, it's still hard-earned money. And I've had enough cell phones stolen already.

But then I'm still sad. "Things" haven't come back to normal yet since I lost the phone.

I called my Landline Plus yesterday and a kid answered. I asked to speak to (my name) but he/she said "wrong calling." I took that as a "wrong number" and I said sorry.

Glee - Sue Sylvester Does "Vogue"


Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) with her Glee version of Madonna's Vogue.

I so love Glee. Don't you?

Rachelle Ann Go Singing Fame


I don't know what happened to the sound but this was the first vid I took at the Domination IV last Saturday. Uploaded it just yesterday. Kodak ZX1 records .mov videos and I'm on Windows, which means I lack editing tools for .mov files.

But still, this is a raw video. Wasn't able to edit it cuz the video quality becomes fugly when I convert it to avi or mpg.

Here's Rachelle Ann Go singing Fame.

The video is noisy overall. But there are some parts that the quality gets really good. And those are the parts where I didn't zoom. So that's the trick, don't zoom.

My PLDT DSL Small Biz Lite connection uploaded this 283MB vid in 4 something hours. Such pain.

Watch: Charice - "Pyramid" Official Music Video



Here's the official music video of Charice's Pyramid.

Charice’s Pyramid – Official Music Video


I love Charice. And I love her even more in this official music video for Pyramid.

I can’t find it on YouTube, though. And Oprah’s website doesn’t allow embedding.

But if you’ll just click here, you can find the most talented girl in the world with her very first official MV.

Like a pyramid, like a pyramid, hey!

Meralco, Have Mercy


This is in support of the victims of Meralco's unfair price increase. We still don't have our bill. I'm really afraid of how much my last month's 16k would increase. I hope and pray it won't be like the ones I've been reading about.

Join the Facebook protest page. I know it can be heard.

D' Survivors


I'm excited to see D' Survivors, even just for the Brazilian-Japanese models alone - Akihiro Sato, Daniel Matsunaga, and Fabio Ide.

Rocky Salumbides, Lemuel Pelayo, Don Mendoza, Jubail Andres, Aaron Tuiza, and Kerbie Zamora are also in this film.

Domination IV


I'm still floating from half-bliss. And all I want to do is stay in bed and dream of MOA Sunset Strip forever. LoL!

So I went with four kids at the Domination IV. Not really kids cuz they're already in college. But they're younger than I am. So kids.

We arrived at SMX quite late. 5 pm. And Parokya ni Edgar was almost finished performing when we were able to enter the hall. Like by the time we saw the stage, they're already gone. But who knew Parokya would be performing? Neither did we know that Mark Bautista and Rachelle (spell?) Ann Go were also there. They're endorsing a new e-Games title, Superstar, a karaoke-thing. Ehem ehem. Better get my vocals ready.

One lucky bastard won the bidding for a PS3 Slim for 200 something pesos. And how much is PS3 now? 20k? It made Kenneth and Dan want to buy cards and bid at the Winila booth, too. But I spoke to them against it. It's gambling, people!

left pic was at Robinsons; right one was at the Domi

Cosplay was fun. And one of the emcees of the CosPlay Convention last month in Robinson's Ermita was also there, although he's not in costume this time.

We left after the CosPlay, though. We're already too hungry to stay for the announcement of winners. LoL! Why do I always skip that part? Beats me.

New Toy


I'd been wanting a Flip camcorder. Not because it's hip, but because it's the cheapest camcorder around. I even disregarded the fact that Flip Ultra's memory can only accommodate one hour of videos.

What I really wanted was a Kodak ZX1 because of its expandable memory, but Flip's on sale and you can even get one for free if you buy specific models of HP printers.

But still, expandable memory for me is much more important.

And then the Universe conspired and gave me a ZX1 yesterday!

I didn't know you could even take still shots with this toy, although only 3 megapixels but it's fine.

There's Princess on top of Angel's old gown, photo taken with the ZX1. The ISO is so high you can take pics in the darkest of rooms. 

So ZX1 doesn't have that built-in flip-out USB arm that Flip has, but who needs it when the memory is fixed? At least I won't be uploading videos to my computer every 1 hour of video-taking.

Thank you Lord for this new toy. Thank you Universe for seeing my positive efforts. I'll test drive it on Saturday during Domination IV.

I'm going with some of the kids from the Alay-Lakad. Just some. I didn't invite the pasaway ones this time.

Can't wait.

Taiwan's Answer to Whitney Houston


Taiwanese singing show Super Star Avenue has found a gem in Lin Yu Chun, a male singer now dubbed as the Taiwanese Whitney Houston.

Why the title? Watch below.

3 in 1


A lot is happening on April 16. First, there's the Libera concert at the RCBC. Then this:

Watch Bamboo, Parokya ni Edgar, and Kamikazee at the Metro Bar for only Php1,000.00. Show starts at 9pm.

Tickets are available at TicketNet, TicketWorld, Metro Bar, Punchline, and Laffline.

Libera in Manila


I love boys choirs. Closing my eyes while listening to their music takes me to another level of happiness.

I was channel surfing this morning when I passed by Studio 23 and saw Libera. I stayed to watch. At the end of the music video, an ad was flashed. They're gonna be at the RCBC for a concert on April 16th!

Libera is an all-boy choir from the UK, and they'll be at the RCBC Plaza Carlos P Romulo Theatre at 3pm and 8pm on April 16, 2010. But before that, they will have a promotional appearance at The Podium on April 14, between 5pm and 7pm.

Ticket prices are 850, 650 and 500 pesos for Orchestra, Lodge and Balcony respectively. Call 9994364275, 9063703129, 9189181367 for more info.

*Photo and info are via Facebook. I'm just not sure if the numbers given are local numbers.



Has just finished watching The Vampire Diaries episode 16.

Why, oh, why would Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) want to become a vampire!

Does he look like a vampire to you?

Barbie with the XLR8


I really like watching this new teenstar named Barbie. I used to watch First Time religiously until I got a little busy I couldn't find myself at home every 6pm.

Starmometer has this clip of a new(?) boyband called XLR8 performing on Party Pilipinas. And Barbie, with another girl from First Time, is dancing while the boyband is performing. I just find Barbie and the other girl so young to be XLR8's object of affection in the sing-and-dance.

Glee Gone Wild


The main characters of our favorite show, Fox's Glee, are on the cover of Rolling Stones. I specially love Lea Michele on this photo. I've seen enough YouTube of her to say that she can do a lot more, and this cover tells us she can really go beyond Rachel Berry.

I'm just sad that Mark Salling isn't on this.

Crazy Kid


Would you shave your eyebrows, as in totally shave your eyebrows like this kid?

And would you do it right before your grad pic is to be taken?

Alay Lakad


I originally planned to leave at 8 pm last Thursday but the kids I went with wanted to leave earlier so we agreed to leave at 6. But of course one or two arrived late and it was almost 7 when we finally left.

The bus ride to Crossing was so fast. Sitting at the back seat of the bus, we could feel every hump of the road, and every turn was so magnifide it was almost like a carnival ride. Passing by Magallanes, we saw groups of people already walking from that point. I didn't wanna walk on EDSA, though. It's too dangerous for me, especially with vehicles going so fast on the very light traffic. But then I kinda wished buses went that fast on normal days.

We were already at Crossing a few minutes past 7 but walked to Ortigas when we realized we were alone. LoL!

We found more people as we went along, until everyone had to stop at one point and look how thick the human traffic was!

I found it sad, though, that videoke bars were still open that night blasting off worldly music. So-so fraternity groups were even at the road side offering free water, which people didn't want to drink. LoL! It's better to be safe than sorry. And unless it's sealed bottled water, don't accept water from strangers.

We reached the intersection where we had to choose the route and of course we chose the Heaven Route. It's longer than the Hell Route, and it had the complete Stations of the Cross unlike the other route. As they say, the way to heaven is not that easy. And since we've already walked almost four hours at that point, why not make the most of it and walk all the way towards the end of the 14th Station, and eventually, the church.

After the twelfth station, though, we had to make a turn and visit the White Cross, although the White Cross itself was closed for public at that hour so we just rested there, under a mango tree (with all the mosquitos and garbage) where we were charged 5 pesos each for staying. I should really have asked for a receipt but when you're tired, hungry, and thirsty, being smart-ass would be far from your mind.

By 4 am, we got out of the mosquito den and found a place to eat. The kids wanted lugaw so we had lugaw before continuing the walk to the church.

The stream of people still hadn't changed by that hour. By the time we reached the church, we found out it was still closed and people could only go up to the church's door to throw some coins and make a wish. As much to our surprise (and luck), the church's doors opened while we were throwing our coins. It was a stampede as people from behind us tried to enter the church. I was really no good on circumstances like those. Buti na lang the kids were all excited to sit down and they occupied one whole pew and saved a space for me.

We didn't wait for the mass to begin, sadly, because the kids were already complaining and wanted to go home. They all kneeled and prayed, anyway, before we left.

Getting a ride home was another thing. We had to walk from the church back to the sixth station before we were able to ride a tricycle to the town proper. Getting a bus back to Crossing was easier, though. Really, really wanted to get a taxi but I couldn't, for reasons I can't say here.

It was a great, great experience and I think I lost a few inches in the waist. LoL! We promised to do it again next year.

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