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I'd been wanting a Flip camcorder. Not because it's hip, but because it's the cheapest camcorder around. I even disregarded the fact that Flip Ultra's memory can only accommodate one hour of videos.

What I really wanted was a Kodak ZX1 because of its expandable memory, but Flip's on sale and you can even get one for free if you buy specific models of HP printers.

But still, expandable memory for me is much more important.

And then the Universe conspired and gave me a ZX1 yesterday!

I didn't know you could even take still shots with this toy, although only 3 megapixels but it's fine.

There's Princess on top of Angel's old gown, photo taken with the ZX1. The ISO is so high you can take pics in the darkest of rooms. 

So ZX1 doesn't have that built-in flip-out USB arm that Flip has, but who needs it when the memory is fixed? At least I won't be uploading videos to my computer every 1 hour of video-taking.

Thank you Lord for this new toy. Thank you Universe for seeing my positive efforts. I'll test drive it on Saturday during Domination IV.

I'm going with some of the kids from the Alay-Lakad. Just some. I didn't invite the pasaway ones this time.

Can't wait.

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