Vampires Love Burgers


I love the Twilight books (and movie). We all know that "New Moon" is coming out in November, and the third movie "Eclipse" in June next year. The installment comes in shorts periods, no? Unlike the "Spiderman" series which took 3 years (I think) before the they release the next one. And since I still find November so far away and I can't wait for "New Moon" to hit theaters, I searched the net in anticipation for any news or videos regarding the second movie.

And guess what I found:

I really didn't know vampires are obsessed with burgers. Lol!

Too Much Of Something


I've been playing Rohan Online a lot lately, but I'm not really a fast leveler. Even in the previous MMORPGs that I've played, I always seem to be left behind by other players who started playing at the same time as I did. My inability to stay on a single task for long, straight periods causes that. I just can't sit in like 4 or 5 straight hours just playing an online game. I have to move. I have to divert. But then eventually, I would beat most of them in levelling up - which can be attributed to my having a sense of continuity. I may not be able to play for long straight hours, but I don't get tired of a game so easily I play regularly even just for short periods. Perhaps the opposite of that becomes the problem of other players. They play for long periods, everyday for the next two or three weeks, grinding and farming with the goal of being the strongest. Until they begin to grow physically exhausted and tired of the game they will stop playing for a while. But of course they will go back. And by the time they go back, they still want to play but have lost the drive to level up much. By that time, though, I am at level with their characters and still have the zest to play. The same can be said in relationships, and I speak from personal experiences. I used to have a boyfriend named Jun who was also a block mate. We sat in class together, ate together, went to parties together... It was good at the first few weeks but it started limiting things I can do in school only to the things that we can both do together. Not to mention the after-dinner phone calls which lasted for more than an hour at the least. I loved him but my inner being wanted to get out of the relationship. I wanted to do other things aside from the ones that we did together, to explore, to befriend other people. I guess it was a mutual feeling of intoxication that our relationship didn't even see the finals of that semester. And it taught me not to go into a relationship with a block mate again. And I haven't. So you see, too much of something is not good at all. You don't wanna get tired of someone you really love, do you? Let's not overindulge all at once. Take things as they come, slowly, a little bite at a time.

Good (Heavens) Evans


They're the first one to amaze me so far in this season of Britain's Got Talent.

I agree with Simon that Elliot is great, but I think Olivia and Georgia are equally as good capturing the hearts of the audience with their tender, tender voices. I don't think the two girls have to be just back-ups. But yeah, they have to keep their mom and dad at the backstage. LOL!

What's Your Favorite Gay Song?


I just looove Ivri Lider's version of "I Kissed a Girl" and I love that they don't even have to change a single lyric to suit them. The song, I came to notice, is so gay! I love the acoustic. Listen:

He Looks So Gay


Don't you think Zac Efron looks so gay here? Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying he is gay. I'm actually a fan. It's just that he looks so gay in some pics, just like in this one. It happens to all of us all the time, though, especially in pictures taken without our knowledge. Stolen shots. But this Zac Efron shot is studio taken. The thing is that for someone who looks so good like Zac, a little raise of an eyebrow or a little childlike smile will always look so gay. I don't have that problem, anyway. But I won't mind looking gay all the time if I look as good as Zac. LOL! Photo Source:

Less Hair = Happier Princess


The haircut took place April 7, 11:30 pm up to April 8, 3:00 am. LOL!

I had such fun shaving Princess. It doesn't look as cute or perhaps I'm just not used to seeing her this way, but she definitely became more alive, happier, prancing around the house playing with her toys even at the hottest point of the day. She used to just lie down in a corner most of the time when it's hot.

She's so skinny sans her hair.



It's effing hot really, especially today cuz one of our a/c's gave way. LOL! To think that I just bought it August of last year. But no, it was just clogged cuz my trusted cleaner haven't used any chemicals on it ever since. Today they did clean it with a chemical.

But still, it was so hot while the aircon was being cleaned, Princess snorted a couple of times haha. She does that when it's hot. She even did that once in a taxi cuz you know how taxi drivers don't turn on their aircons when they don't have passengers yet. Princess was snorting to town and the taxi driver was so worried he thought Princess was dying.

The first time Princess did that? I panicked. Who wouldn't? It's like the sound of someone gasping for her precious last breath. But she can do that on me anytime now and I won't even life a finger. Naah, it still panics me a little.

So it was so hot today I thought of shaving Princess. But her haircut costs almost 700 pesos, and I myself need a haircut. So I called HBC and asked for a Wahl clipper. They don't have one at the branch I called. But they were able to get one from their other branch. I had it picked up by my trusted alalay. LOL!

Costs 2,945 pesos but having my own clipper will save me big bucks in the long run. It won't just save me lots on Princess's haircut, but on my own haircut expenses, too, hehe.

It's shaving time tomorrow. I (am kinda afraid) don't know (of) how it'd turn out. But I know Princess will be more comfortable with a shorter hair in this hot, hot weather.



Sacha Baron Cohen will surely give us a good laugh in this upcoming comedy flick, Bruno, where he plays a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter.

Watch the trailer. It's hilarious. Makes me think how much funnier can the full movie be.

Bruno is showing July 10th.

Why Can't You Visit Us?


Daniel Henney, who Filipinos first saw in the Tagalized version of Korea's tv series "My Name is Kim Samsoon," together with Hugh Jackman, will go to Korea to promote X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Makes me wonder why they don't come here to promote.

But really, why can't Hollywood stars come to the Philippines to promote their movies, when most of us Filipinos just love them. LOL! Really, Hollywood movies are a hit here in the Philippines, sometimes more than our locally made movies. I confess I rarely watch Tagalog movies, only when its critically-acclaimed (like Ploning) or isn't mainly a kilig love story.

Perhaps I'm really not into mainstream. While everyone was out watching You Changed My Life, I couldn't even find myself considering watching it. The last drama-love story Tagalog movie I watched that I really liked was Carlos Siguion-Reyna's 1991 film Hihintayin Kita sa Langit. I watched it through the recommendation of a friend, who also lent me the VCD a few years back. Watching it made me wonder why Siguion-Reyna stopped making films. Or did he? It also raised a question of why modern-day filmmakers won't make films of such story lines.

It was so well-made the characters will stick in your memory. Even if I saw it years ago, I still remember scenes of Gabriel and Carmina so in love with each other. I'm not really a fan of Richard Gomez's acting (and hosting) abilities but the fact that he made the character of Gabriel so unforgettable perhaps mean that he's a really effective
actor. Well, Dawn Zulueta as Carmina gave a flawless performance. A beautiful, helpless, fragile lady so in love with Gabriel but can't escape the cruelties of her brother.

Oh I really hope Reyna Films make movies again. I'm sure those who like Hollywood movies will patronize Tagalog movies with good story lines. By the way, isn't the lack of it made them turn their attention to foreign movies?

Speaking of unforgettable characters, there are two more that I can't forget. Victor and Alma from Andres Cristobal Cruz's "Ang Tondo Man May Langit Din." I'm kinda sure those who read the book can't forget them either.

Photo Source:

One, Two, Three


I feel like I haven't blogged in ages. Busy, busy.

For one, Princess' coat is longish already sometimes I find myself combing her for three hours at one sitting. I'd just notice the time when she'd become uneasy or start biting the comb. For the past days, we've been sleeping 2 am-ish just combing her coat.

Two, I kinda play again. Rohan Online hehe. Not that hooked (yet), though. Just enjoying.

Three, Juansen calls every so often. No more classes, he calls me everytime he's bored. And he's bored almost every time cuz it's often just him and his computer at home. His mom doesn't have any plans yet of how her kids would spend the summer. She's busy with renovating their house in Bernabe, and she brings Jansen (the younger kid) with her. Juansen's so loner I'm afraid we're so alike. And omg, he's only in grade six and already blogging. He has aqworlds-addickz and console lover. I don't know which he updates more often but I guess he updates more than I do. LOL!

I'm still trying to plan out my Holy Week. I wanna go somewhere on Black Friday. Mother wants me to stay at home with her, and I guess if other people in the house are going out Friday, I'll just stay with mom. She can't be alone. Too risky, her vertigo attacks every now and then.

That's it for now. Haven't been checking the internet so often I don't have anything to share LOL! Princess is making a pillow out of my foot now. Laters!

Stomach In


I feel bloated. My tummy's a little too big for comfort, and I'm not even fat. I'm thinking about downloading an ab workout video. Davey Wavey has one but I don't wanna pay LOL! I'm sure there's a free one around.

Bye Megan


Megan Joy was eliminated. LOL! And Vote For The Worst is having a poll on who to "patronize" next. I've actually enjoyed reading VFTW until they pick too much on Scott. C'mon guys he's blind, and unlike other "normal" beings of this planet who won't so much as lift a finger to pursue their dreams, he's out there pursuing his. On other notes, I'm starting to get hooked on an online game called Rohan Online. Last MMORPG I got addicted to was RAN Online which was almost two years ago. I played a little of the casual games around after RAN but never got hooked that much. But I'm liking Rohan. It was launched on open beta stage just last month. And I'm really liking it. A few gaming hours a night won't hurt... I hope.

A Day of Idol-ing


Such a hot Wednesday. Weather Underground says 33°C. I don't know how accurate that is but it really feels like 33°. I think the hottest we got last year was 36 in the middle of summer. But oh lo! It's already 33 on the first day of April. Makes me wonder how hot it could get this year.

I canceled appointments today. I don't wunna toast myself outside. Just thinking about going out already gives me the headache. I browsed the net early, having nothing much to do, and chanced upon videos of American Idol 8 in photobucket. Come to think of it, it should be renamed videobucket since YouTube uploaders have switched to the bucket service when YouTube started deleting TV shows (and megavideo started limiting free views to 72 or so minutes a day). Back to Idol, I really like Adam Lambert - not just because he's gay, but because he's also a singing genius. I was kinda thinking Vote For The Worst would "patronize" him cuz of his gay pics and stuff but thanks to them they didn't. They went for Megan Joy instead. But hey, she's one of my favorites, too, but anyway I would choose Adam over Megan anytime.
Adam Lambert / via
Adam did his funky version of Play That Funky Music and he really brought the house down! He had crazy vocals, his falsettos were awesome, and he looks so confident "owning" the stage. Megan, on the other hand, always give a cool performance, her rendition of Turn Your Lights Down Low was no exception. No strains, just soothing. But then DialIdol predicts she's leaving tomorrow. Hope not. I think Anoop Desai deserves the boot before Megan. Just a biased opinion, anyway =)

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