Net Problem Part 2


I didn’t know PLDT technicians work on weekends and holidays. I filed another ticket on the technical hotline last Saturday due to a very high latency and very low upload speed. Imagine getting a ping of 353 ms in their very own server and 20 kbps upload rate! My download rate was at a normal speed of 2.2 mbps, but with a high ping and low upload speed, a fast download speed is useless.

pldt van2

Since it’s a public holiday today, I wasn’t expecting a tech to visit me. But come 10:30-ish, the kindest of technicians, Mr. Mandy Moore, arrived. He told me he wanted to change all the phone cables from the box outside the house, up to the dsl splitter. He said the problem might have been due to the wires which was installed some 17 years ago. I agreed to the suggestion and he started to work immediately. It took him no more than thirty minutes to finish the job. He’s really so kind he was even telling jokes while working. He didn’t even utter a word of complaint on the hot weather despite his evident sweating.

My connection’s better now. Although my normally below 20 latency has become 39-40-ish. Okay lang. Bearable naman. At least my life’s now back to normal. Thanks Mandy.

What Happens When There’s No Internet


I couldn’t blog the past few days. Not anymore because of the Playfish games, but because my PLDT MyDSL f*cked up. I had no internet for a few days due to a burned out modular box. Oh lo! Had I known it was the problem, I would have easily bought a modular box at ACE Hardware, the shop I love most. LOL!

A tech dropped by Wednesday to fix it, though. He was so kind it took away my quirky mood. It’s so hard to make taray to a very kind person. The tech also replaced my modem cuz it was so 2004 pa. He told me that model was phased out years ago and even called it primitive.

Anyway, I’ve just caught up with my Survivor Palau viewing. My mom uses the television every night to watch teleseryes on ABS-CBN and I use the internet to watch GMA (yes, we only have one tv). So no internet means no GMA, and I only got to see the past episodes on YouTube yesterday.

Shaun Rodriguez is so yummy in that red swimming trunks. And the bulge is so prominent I can’t stop looking (and rewinding and pausing, LOL!) Hot dad, indeed!


I spent my Monday at the sunset strip of MOA. An old friend (who’s spending the day off) went with me, as well as my Princess.

twitter pic-sunset strip
Tuesday, despite still having no internet connection, was spent at home organizing my filing cabinet which had long been left unattended. I was thinking of finishing the cross-stitch project I had long ago started but organizing the filing cabinet took all of my Tuesday. And I was kinda sure I’d be “connected” na Wednesday even if PLDT 173 there’s still no tech assigned for me. I just knew Wednesday would be it. And so it was.



I woke up last Monday to no internet connection. I just knew something was wrong and it’s not just a case of a simple disconnection cuz the DSL indicator of the modem had no light. I immediately called technical assistance. It was 8 in the morning.

I called again 12 noon when I still had no connection. It quite irritated me when I was informed that Chloe, the customer assistant I talked to earlier, didn’t file a report of my case. Quite irritating when that happens but I knew better than to get mad.

I called Danilo – an old friend and a neighbor – to ask if he had connection since he’s also subscribed to PLDT MyDSL. He said he had none. I easily gave a sigh of relief thinking that the problem was on PLDT’s side. (I really hate it when I am the only one suffering because of an isolated problem). I’d eventually find out, though, that it’s really just an isolated case.

After the call, Danilo dropped by. It was Monday and he takes Sundays and Mondays off. And since I had nothing to do on a no-internet day, I told him I wanted to go out. He responded by asking “anong oras?” Haha.

We went to MOA’s sunset strip. It was Danilo’s first time there. It was my second. LOL! But it was someone else’s first:

LOL! She really knows how to look at the cam. It was her longest walk ever. She even had kennel cough after. How mean of me to tire her so much.

Anyway, internet connection was only restored this morning. A tech, who wants to be called Mandy Moore, paid a visit 8:30 a.m. He actually called first and told me I was third in line. I pleaded with him to visit me first. And he did. Thanks Mandy!

Get a Life


I haven’t been blogging lately. Got hooked with Playfish games on Facebook. Hooked to the truest essence of the word. I can sit in front of my PC from morning till night, just playing and chatting on Facebook.

But I got disappointed lately upon finding out about the Cheat Engine. Geez! You can reach the highest level in just a few seconds. What’s the sense of playing, then?

But still, I couldn’t refrain myself from playing. I don’t compete on level anymore cuz for all I know, everyone aside from me is using Cheat Engine. But what the heck, I’m playing just for the fun of it.


Since I’m so addicted to Facebook, I watch television on the computer na rin. LOL! PinoyTube. Thank you.
And being a member of the third sex, it’s so surprising that I didn’t notice Justin to be gay. ‘Yon nga lang, it’s sad that he’s the first to be voted off.

Pero may chance pa daw? Sana.



Been waiting for Survivor Philippines Palau since I saw the teaser last week. Marvin Kiefer looks so yummy.

And just when I was planning on turning on the television at about a little past nine, the lights flickered. Soon after, we heard a distant boom! Brownout!

That means no television or internet for the night. I so wanted to go to my sister’s house in Parañaque but I couldn’t leave my mom alone at night, especially during power failures. My niece, went home so late at 11:30-ish.

I just slept. Good thing it wasn’t so humid last night. Mom said power was restored at around 1 a.m.

Good thing there are kind souls who patiently record television shows and upload them on YouTube. I got to watch Palau’s first episode just a while ago. And OMG, Marvin is smokin’ hot! LOL!
Marvin Kiefer
Marvin Kiefer via

There’s this another guy named Shaun who’s already a father (as was shown during the early part of the episode) but is also hot. Looks like he’s the type who’s naughty with the girls, though.

Here’s Shaun:
Shaun Rodriguez
Shaun Rodriguez via

And I think the new “Marlon” this season is Carol. Ang taray tumingin ni Ma'am Carol. I have a feeling she's a mean teacher. So aptly dubbed as "Teror ng Koror" hahaha. Koror is her tribe, of which she’s the oldest (and leader?). The other tribe is named Airai.

This is Carol Gementiza:
Carol Gementiza
Mahal, is that you? Or is it Mura dressed as a female again?

I really hate bossy, dominating characters.

Oh, well, with Darna and Survivor Philippines Palau, primetime belongs to GMA-7 again. At least in our house.

Dentist’s Pets


Doc Erich brought his two exotic pets to his clinic today.

The sugar glider is the cutest, although it moves a lot it was so hard to take pictures.
Picture 010

I love this shot haha. It’s as if he posed for the pic.
Picture 005

The  sugarglider is so cute and low maintenance (daw), it sleeps in a small, zipped pouch. Basically, they eat Cerelac and fruits until five months. Then just fruits six months onward.

The hedgehog, on the other hand, was so afraid it won’t come out of its “shell” or whatever you call those thorny shield.
Picture 018

Look at that, he’s peeking out!
Picture 024

Finally. LOL!
Picture 025

Ding ang Bato!


I don’t normally watch primetime tv aside from “Tayong Dalawa” cuz mom is a fan. But tonight, with all the media hype, I turned on the tv while having dinner. It’s the premiere of Marian Rivera’s version of “Darna.”


I actually wanted to see Marian in the costume. But duh! I forgot all superhero stories begin with their childhood stories and how they got the power. So okay, I still continued to watch cuz the “pre-Marian Rivera” cast is quite good – Janice de Belen, Rita Avila, Vangie Labalan… The support is good. And yeah Angel Aquino is also included as the fairy who bestowed Rita Avila the gift to bear a child (the child would later on be Darna). It’s so nice to see Angel Aquino doing tv again. I mean something else aside from a glamour show.

But anyway I think I’m gonna watch Darna whenever I can. She’s so sexy in the Darna promo pics. And also, I’ve always liked how Marian Rivera deliver her lines.

I wonder who plays Ding… the carrier of the stone.



It’s Darna’s premiere tonight. As all seem to be so excited about Marian Rivera, I am quite interested about the men in the cast.

alfred vargas
Alfred Vargas

mark anthony fernandez
Mark Anthony Fernandez

 polo ravales
Polo Ravales

”Darna” is being expected to bring back primetime viewership to GMA-7. I’m kinda sure it’d be a hit if these guys would have nothing but skimpy briefs for their costumes. A lot of “darnas” would surely tune-in to the show every night.

May Pasok Ba?


Back to the time when I was still in school, I always turn on the radio to DZRH everytime I’d wake up to rainy mornings. Mom and I would patiently wait for the announcement from the Department of Education and PAGASA while having breakfast.

When I entered college, we started becoming a fan of Mornings @ GMA. Mon Isberto’s lively aura filled our living room every morning, rainy day or not. The news flashed at the bottom of the screen would tell us if classes were suspended. (Now this post makes me miss Mon Isberto and Cher Calvin on the local tv… and yea Tish Silang was also on this show.)

But now, with the dawn of blogs, those who prefer internet over television need not even use Google anymore. Just type and you’ll get the information, fast (because the layout is so simple) and direct to the point.

I almost choked with the sudden burst of laughter when I first saw the site. Humor in its simplest form. But hey, even if it’s funny, the information on the site is correct.

Not a Dog Chew



Princess chewed on my Philips earphones this afternoon. Darn…

I actually forgot to put it in my bag yesterday before heading out. It was on the sofa together with my iPod, phone, and digicam. And it remained on the sofa cuz I didn’t use my iPod last night.

Normally, I really don’t hide my stuff just because I have a dog roaming around the house. Princess doesn’t chew on my stuff. Well, not until this afternoon.

Grabe. I only bought it last June 4th. It’s still working, though. And I’m sure it can be fixed with the glue gun. But still…


Since I also forgot to bring my phone yesterday, I kinda found it hard haggling at SM. You see, I always use it as calculator. LOL! So I could say I was actually calculator-less and not phone-less yesterday. A little phone-less pala cuz I couldn’t call Doc Erich to tell him I’d be a little late. Aside from waiting for the rig to be assembled, I also got delayed cuz I bumped into an old friend at the mall. The bump actually ended to almost an hour of talking and catching up.


After forgetting three times to bring his hedgehog on the day of my weekly visit, Doc Erich finally brought his 2-month old hog to his clinic yesterday. The cutest. It’s just really sad I wasn’t able to take any pic.

I’ll make sure not to forget my digicam next Monday. I just wish he’d bring his hedgehog with him again.

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