the trouble with hello is goodbye


I am the favorite shock absorber of my friends. And the ones who frequently talk to me are those suffering from heartaches. I am no Joe D Mango or Ate Charo but they seem to enjoy talking to me when they're sad. I seem to brighten up their days. And they prefer texting/calling me than our other friends. Maybe because I always side with them. And I don't slap them in the face with what their faults are until I know they are ready to face them.

But I wasn't prepared with what my friend confided in me this evening - his girlfriend migrated to Australia. He was so sad. And told me the airport story of how his girlfriend cried while leaving. This is a teenage love story, where the family has to migrate somewhere and the girl can't do anything about leaving her sweetheart behind. I was lost for words while my friend was telling me this. Because I'm also not good with this kind of goodbye. It's easier to leave someone after some falling out, but leaving someone just because you have to is a different story. Just like how that old love song goes - the trouble with hello is goodbye. *sigh*

myspace hoax


What would I do if someone from the internet harassed me? I’d harass him back; I’d harass him more. Suicide is for the people with low self-esteem. I'm glad I have enough of it to keep me from hanging myself.,0,2946138.story?coll=chi-homepage-fea

Poor Megan Meier. I hope the daughter of the parents who started the hoax commit suicide, too.

What's even sadder is that (like on most internet crimes) no charges can be filed against the persons who started the hoax. Well, this thing has now stirred something among the internet enthusiasts, parents, and the authorities. I hope they make some law about internet harassment now.

Oh wait, I wanna harass someone first! ><

ran ver. 2


I play Ran Online again to kill time. I chose Tala server for a change. I already have a shaman in Strife server and I know a lot of people there and I know I won’t be able to have peace if I play in Strife again (just like what the server means... strife!). So I chose a different server. I named my shaman bel_mago (beautiful magician). She is a replica of my Strife shaman named michh.

i wanna get bigger


I’m starting my protein and fat diet. I wanna gain weight. My goal is to add 4kg to my 67kg by the end of the Christmas season. Problem is, the only accessible protein food to me are tuna and eggs. And I can’t live on tuna and eggs alone, especially when I eat 6 times a day. And it’s really a miracle that I don’t get fat despite how many times I eat in a day. I’m so lucky if I were a girl, but I’m not.

It's my friend's birthday tomorrow. Michael Jinero Salazar, happy burtdei!

Use Subtitles


I don't understand why an international beauty pageant would hire hosts with poor English communication skills (and accent) when they had to speak in English all the time.

The Miss Earth production sucked. VJ Utt was a little okay. But the former Miss Earth who co-hosted with him was a disaster. Such a disaster that I turned off the TV and continued watching Death Note instead. Death Note, at least, had subtitles in English.

Suggestion to pageant organizers who would be hiring such hosts: use subtitles!

Death Note


Been watching Death Note for days now. Currently downloading episode 13. Great plot. I am not an anime fan but the story line got me interested. It's a little dark but I guess that's the thing that got me. How often do we wish (in our state of anger) to have someone killed? A Death Note in the real world is the answer to that. It's also the hippest thing to kill haha.

Well, it's about a bright kid who got hold of a Death Note which was accidentally dropped by a Shinigami (Death God). The kid wanted to change the world through the Death Note, i.e., eliminating all the bad guys by writing their names in the Notebook. Bad, bright kid. But yea, I also believe that "the end justifies the means".

I just hope there's also something that's called a Love Note. Now that would really be interesting.

the underdogs


And so my favorite housemate (Marylaine) was the first to be evicted. I don’t actually know why I always seem to have a heart for the ones less liked. In the first PBB season, for instance, I instantly liked Racquel. And she was the one who always got nominated and eventually evicted after 3 consecutive nominations. And then this Marylaine who I instantly liked got instantly disliked by majority of the housemates. I seem to have the compassion for the less liked… Ah, yeah, I forgot to mention I also liked Sanjaya Malakar.

But not all of my favorites are
underdogs. Like Guy Sebastian, for instance…

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