New Moon Stills


The free book and this video has revived my excitement for New Moon.

Can't wait for November.



She'll be sleeping with nanay tomorrow night.

Missing her already.

Kodak C813 Comes With a Free Book


Since I'm going out-of-town for the weekend, I decided to buy a cheap digicam to bring along. I don't wanna bring my phone or my other digicam. It's inuman and I heard lots of my friend's friends are coming. Actually most of them I'm sure I don't know. And I just know how wild the gathering would get.

Yesterday, I went to Asianic first to look for the cheapest cam but they had phased out the one I had in mind. I was thinking of the Casio 3 mpx cam I saw on someone's blog. Their cheapest one was the Kodak C813. It came with a 1G SD and that's all. Good thing I decided to look around first. I dropped by Silicon Valley and they had the same cam, and for the same price, it included a 2G SD and a free Twilight book!

LOL! They only had New Moon, though.

And yea I also bought this at Watsons:

Swine Flu paranoia. Gawd!

Shame Campaign


Oh wow. A shame campaign is being pushed by Senator Allan Peter Cayetano against Hayden Kho. I think the initial plan was to just constantly remind Kho of what he has done by showing him "shame on you" signs. But then some cities have declared "persona non grata" to Hayden. I heard Palawan (Katrina Halili's hometown) and Bohol are among those who don't want Hayden in their provinces.

But then the question is, how long will this restriction last? A lifetime? Hope so. But I don't think so.

After the media hype is over, I'm sure everything will again be normal for Hayden. People forget. One good deed and he'd be forgiven.

And then perhaps he'd have his own medical group. Come to think of it, the girls in the videos would make good endorsers. And the tag line? "Only Hayden touches my skin!"

LOL! Just kidding.

"Kinatay" Won't Be Shown Here



Brillante Mendoza, after winning Best Director at the 2009 Cannes, has decided not to give his film ("Kinatay") a public showing here in the country. But before you say that he's madamot, hear his reason first.

Let's just understand that a movie is like a child to the director. It's his creation, and after winning in Cannes, it's his masterpiece.

We know how movie censorship is. And for that, Mendoza doesn't want his masterpiece to go under censorship's knives.

It will be on exhibition, though, on some universities.

Photo Source:

Let’s All Be Careful


So many deaths. First the Verde Island (or should we call it Puerto Gallera?) Tragedy. Then Exodus Tyson's death. Both involve children, and I know the grief of their loved ones is unimaginable.

Let's just pray for Franco, Anton, and Exodus. More importantly, let's pray for their parents and loved ones. May they accept the fate of their children and see light through the incident. I know it may somehow seem impossible, but the Lord has His ways. There's always something to learn from and be thankful for in every situation that we are in.

The kids are now in heaven, where they will feel no more pain.

I'm actually going out-of-town on Saturday. I was planning on bringing my toy dog but now I decided against it. She'd be safer here at home.

Scaring Floormates


I easily get scared, the reason why I beg off on the haunted houses of Star City and Enchanted Kingdom. And I'd hate anyone (for life) who would try to pull a prank on me. But I can't deny watching pranks like the one below gives me a good laugh.

What's Your Name?


There's a new blog on tumblr called What's Your Name? which is dedicated to those people not good with faces. If you have a picture of someone from years ago (or just recently, it wouldn't matter) that you forgot the name of, just send them that pic along with your e-mail (you might want to make a new one just for this purpose) to, and they'll post it. If readers happen to know the person in the pic, they can easily send that person's name to the e-mail you provided.

Cool, no?

Ummm... perhaps just for the fun of it, we can post our own photos and see if anyone from the interweb knows us LOL! Just kidding. But not bad if you want to test how popular you are.

Now This is for Real


Kris Allen just won American Idol Season 8. At least he knows "Adam (Lambert) deserves this."

Oh well, Adam's already a star. But then again, it could have been better if he won.

This is Disappointing


42226 has always been accurate in predicting American Idol winners. Perhaps not to the last percentage of votes but they're always right in predicting who will win.

And they've just predicted Kris Allen to win tomorrow by a margin of 1.10%. Oh darn. I hope the last 2% isn't accurate.
Adam has done so much as to taking the competition bar so many notches higher. He's actually the best thing that has ever happened to the show.

Kris is good, but compared to Adam? C'mon.

But then again perhaps this is just premature disappointment.

Note to God


Katrina Halili can now do nothing else but pray... or send a note to God. Just like Charice Pempengco's latest single which had its debut on Oprah.



Grabe, the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili videos are on torrent na. How can you stop it when it's already on torrent? Such cruelty on the girls.

And I don't even have words to describe the guy.

Would You Put Your Dog in a Washer?


The classic line "My brother is not a pig" came to my mind immediately when I saw this mini-carwash machine designed for dog owners who don't love their dogs. Except that the Nora Aunor one-liner went in my mind like this: "My dog is not a car!"

C'mon, if Princess got stressed out with all our shouts of joy during the Pacquiao-Hatton fight, how much more stress would she get if I put her inside that effing machine for a half-hour or so just to get cleaned up?

Just a thought: if you don't like bathing your dog, or can't spend money to have a "human" groomer bathe your dog, just forget about owning one.

With getting a dog comes a lifelong commitment with a variety of responsibilities. And that excludes putting your dog in a bathing (washing) machine. Such cruel invention.

Photo Source:

Mother's Day Cut


I helped out in the kitchen yesterday (kasi it's Mother's Day LOL!), and got cut by something I couldn't tell which. I didn't feel the cut at first, only later when it's already bleeding.

This was my gift to nanay. LOL! I couldn't think of anything to give kasi. I was at Ace Hardware and was testing some batteries when I saw this being tested by a woman next to me. Eh since I was in a hurry kasi store staff were touching Princess's face I was afraid they'd poke her in the eye, I just told the one assisting me to get a light set similar to the one the woman was testing.

Talk and Wear


Happyslip talks about Manny Pacquiao. An Filipino YouTube sensation talks about a Filipino boxing hero.

Why won't she talk about Pacquiao, anyway, when even Hollywood actos wear him?

Come Dine!


I've been playing Facebook's Restaurant City for quite a few days now. It's addicting, believe me. Much more addicting than Pet Society. I have actually given up on my pet like long before I learned about Restaurant City. I just can't seem to get enough money there.

But "running a restaurant" is kinda like just watching and feeding my "crew" in 75% of health. LOL! You have to make sure not to let their health get lower than 75% or they will become so slow.

I'm currently level 11 and rank 2nd among my friends.

Bad, Horrific Notes


Danny Gokey got away with the bad notes! Can't believe it. But after Adam Lambert became part of the bottom 2 last week, I just knew (oh well everyone predicted) that we're in for more surprises. Grabe! He had the worst vocals last night for chrissake!

But then Paula Abdul performed haha! She still has it, people! Still has the groove. But it made me nostalgic of grade school. I hope they can also guest Janet Jackson make her sing es.. ca.. pade.. we'll have a good time / es.. ca.. pade.. leave your worries behind.

No Doubt also guested as well as David Cook, err, Daughtry.

And do you know that Danny Gokey already has a remix? Watch below.

The Prayer


My mom called me to the tv area while she was watching Wowowee. Robert Seña was one of the celebrity contestants. She knew I really admire Robert's singing.

He looked a little haggard, though. Parang may hang-over pa haha. But his magic was still there. He sang Frank Sinatra's The Impossible Dream with his turtle. His voice was really so theatrical. Loved it.

I wonder what he's up to now. Haven't been hearing about him. I searched YouTube for his video performing that Pavaroti-ish song (forgot the title) in Italian. Can't find it.

I found this instead:

Listen to the last note at the end of the video. He's really the best Filipino tenor of his time.

Anyway, Wowowee had celebrity contestants today. And I was kinda glued cuz their guests were celebrities who love pets. Andrea del Rosario brought her two Yorkshires, Eigenmann (was it Ryan or Gabby? LOL) had a terrier I'm not familiar with, Jenine Desiderio had her Persian cat with her, Erich Gonzalez's shih-tzu had a bad facial haircut (IMO), Karylle also brought two dogs (shih tzus) in teddy bear cut, and Robert had his turtle.

I was wondering what's wrong with Erich. Was she high on something? LOL! She was so laughing all the time and kept on slapping the host on the arms. The audience was quiet except for some collective laughs. And the laughs were conscious. Parang they didn't know what to make of it kaya they just laughed a little. You know those little laughs that we make when we get into an awkward situation? LOL. T'was really awkward. I was hoping she'd shut up already cuz I was starting to feel ashamed for her.

Save the Queen!


I saw this on 24 Oras a while back. It's like the Iraqi's human bomb, though this driver (Karst Tates) failed to kill his target - the royal family. Instead, 5 innocent people on the road died with him. I hope we can learn more of his motives aside from the fact that he had been recently terminated from his job. Okay perhaps it's all clear after all. He wanted to hurt the queen because he's unemployed.

Uh... we always have that here. Blame it on the higher ones.

Death Note In Hollywood


It's so cool that the first manga I fell in love with is now being made into a Hollywood movie. Warner has recently acquired the rights to adapt Death Note into a live-action film.

Screenwriters Charley and Vlas Parlapanides were hired to adapt.

Warner Japan has already made 3 Japanese-language Death Note films but the Hollywood movie will not be based on them. It will be drawn from the first three installments of the manga.

Cool. I haven't seen the Japanese Death Note yet but a friend says it had been altered a bit.

I should buy some Death Note merchandise this early before they begin overpricing.

She Bangs! She Bangs!


I hate it when they uber photoshop magazine covergirls. Bangs Garcia here almost looks like Alessandra de Rossi/Regine Angeles-ish.

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