One Lifetime


I haven't had the chance to watch Gossip Girl Season 2. I was always planning on watching it but time doesn't permit me. I was able to finish season 1 by watching it on the bed through my iPod before sleeping - most of time finding myself dozing off halfway through an episode and finishing it over breakfast from the part I remember last seeing. I never had the luxury of having idle time. Oh, the countless things I could think of doing had I the time to spare! I could walk my dogs every morning and at night after dinner; I would rent all the good movies I missed for the past 5 or so years; I would bring my mom to the beach on Saturdays and we would go out for dinner at night; I would read all the books that I've bought and have zero backlog; and the list goes on and on... But there's just so many hours in a day. And there's just one lifetime to miss out on all the things that we love doing. This morning, while having Monday sickness thinking that I accomplished almost nothing of what I wanted to do over the weekend, I promised myself to do a little of the things I want to do each day. I know it's just a matter of carefully planning it out, effectively managing time. I actually believe in writing it on paper. I tend to accomplish more if it's written down on a planner or something. And I have an agenda tonight: Watch GG S02 Ep01. Have to rush =) Chuck Bass, here I come!

Earth Hour


Earth Hour... I received a call from my mom while I was at the ortho telling me to buy candles. After my appointment, I bought a pack of 5 pieces, medium-sized, white candles at the 7-Eleven near my ortho's clinic. To my surprise, mom told me to buy more when I arrived home and she saw the candles I bought. "What for?" I asked. I almost laughed when she told me about the brown-out that our neighbors told her about. They thought there would be a brown-out at exactly 8:30 pm. Had there been a brown-out, though, the 5 medium-sized candles wouldn't be enough to light our house unless we all stay in one area and light one candle at a time. I showed my mom Earth Hour's website. She was happy with the idea and almost counted the minutes to 8:30 pm. As per her instructions, we turned off all the lights (including the television sets) by 8:15 pm and stayed by the gate to witness the dark. Our neighbors turned off their lights, anyway. At first I thought they would wait for the brown-out to turn their lights off, but I guess they understood the event earlier before that. The street lights were also turned off. And people on our street were either just inside their gates or outside taking the opportunity to mingle with other neighbors. So I guess, we didn't just save the earth tonight. It also gave some of us the opportunity to "reconnect" with missed neighbors. But then one hour felt so long for people who have lots to do. Well, even my mom fell asleep in her recliner as early as 9:10.

Top 5!


When asked about the top 5 things most important in your life, it's almost always easy to come up with a list: 1. God; 2. Family; 3. Friends; 4. Health; and 5. Employment They're actually interchangeable depending on your priorities at the moment it was asked, but the first two are always at the top - unless you don't believe in God, that is. But say, we focus on stuff that makes us really smile or laugh even just for the moment, things we say we can't live without (but actually can), or those luxurious things that can almost be considered guilty pleasures... what are your top 5? Here's mine according to priorities (at the moment): 1. Latest gadgets/internet; 2. Sex; 3. My Shih Tzu; 4. Movies; and 5. Music

A One-Minute Two-Part Movie


Is it really possible to condense a movie in one minute? How about a two-part movie in one minute?

No? Watch below...



Karl Lagerfeld Dolls.

Would you buy?

Photo Source:

A Dead Rat


The worst "foreign object" I found in food was a strand of kinky hair in my pancake. Oh well, it was in Jollibee where I've experienced other food mishandling prior to that. I keep on coming back, though, because it's the nearest fastfood I can go to everytime I'm in that area.

But the kinky hair is nothing compared to what a Romanian found in his salami.

A dead rat! Waaaaa! Ewww!

The company (Tabco Campofrio Romania) who made the salami says it's a sabotage! I would have that as a reason, too, had that happened to me.

Via Ananova

Eric Nies (Strips Then) Saves a Dog


I'm not really familiar with Eric Nies. TMZ says he's from the first "Real World: New York." Anyway, it's not the television show that got me, it's his heroic deed to save a dog from drowning and freezing in a partially frozen lake.

Sugar Ray (the dog) were chasing some geese and he ended up on the iced-over lake. The ice gave way and the dog was beggining to drown when Eric Nies noticed him.

Eric then stripped totally naked and ran to save the drowning dog.

I really don't know why he didn't leave even just a piece of undergarment on. Perhaps he wasn't wearing any? But if you were him, would you take it all off? I'd probably at least leave my pants on if I weren't wearing undies.

But props to him for saving the dog. Even if it seemed like he wanted to get media attention by stripping naked.

Has PETA acknowledged Eric Nies' heroic deed yet?

Photo Source: TMZ

The Creek


I just hate it when I hear or read bad things about my country. But can we really blame them?

We're currently on The Sun.

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GQ's Most Stylish 8-year-old


Don't we all depend on our parents for our fashion when we were young? Oh well, not all actually. Arlo Weiner, the 8-year-old son of Matt Weiner (creator of television's Mad Men), has been named GQ's Most Stylish 8-year-old. The magazine describes Arlo's look as eclectic, kidlike, but somehow knowingly so.

On what he's wearing at the above pic, Arlo says, "This is my Valentine’s Day outfit. The jacket and the pants are velvet. I love the tie because it’s really two ties stacked on top of each other. (My dad had to tie it for me.) The pink tie matched the pink shirt. I wore brown-and-white argyle socks for a random pattern."

A very young fashionista, indeed!

Learn How To Grab


Did you ever practice how to grab a breast when you were young? I'm sure teenage boys always daydream about it. I should know. But before you find this entry so gross, I wanna say that I was just so amused by this machine:

A breast-grabbing machine! LOL!

I swear at first I thought it was a juicer.

Do we have this at our local arcades?

Stampede at ANTM Audition


This is crazy. But still, it wasn't as tragic as the Wowowee stampede.

I'm sure the injured will get support from the show.

But after the Wowowee stampede victims had been buried, did their families get any more support? Just asking.

Princess Just Turned Two


It was Princess' 2nd birthday yesterday, actually it's her first with us. Mother cooked her favorite - adobong atay ng manok. She had it the whole day. And she wouldn't eat the leftover this morning.

I didn't take her picture yesterday cuz we let her play with our other dogs making her soo dirty and her coat matted. I'm taking her to Animal House this week or the next for a little pampering. I just wish they allow pet owners to stay and watch while pets are being groomed.

On most of my trips in Animal House kasi I hear dogs being groomed crying. I guess they'd be gentler with dogs if the owners are watching. And for that, I worry for Princess everytime I leave her there.

There's something called Pussies and Bitches in Metrowalk. I don't know if they allow owners to watch the grooming, but I won't bother asking. It's so far from our place.

Single Ladies feat. Justine Timberlake


Beyonce's Single Ladies have reach such popularity that everyone's doing a parody... that even Justine Timberlake took part in it, with no other than Beyonce herself!

JT was soo funny. A good laugh, indeed!

Hair Matters


After the dreaded haircut last November, Princess can now wear a topknot.

Let the Right One In


I like horror movies. Thrillers. Loved Twilight. And I heard there's an indie film that's a little something like Twilight, only it's more gory and although it involves a love story between two 12-year-olds, it's not exactly a love story.

The movie's from Sweden and it's called "Let the Right One In." It has been winning all those "indie film awards" that America bought the rights to make their own version.

I've heard it's scary, creepy, demented... I've searched for a trailer in YouTube but I didn't watch it. Midnight's not a time for scary stuff. LOL!

Here's the trailer, though: (but I'm not watching until tomorrow... in broad daylight. LOL!)

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