Facebook now allows full screen photo views


Not that Facebook has a competition, but the social networking site has constantly been updating the interface with goals of giving the users the ultimate experience.

Recently, Facebook announced that photos can be viewed in the highest resolution possible, and in full screen!

High-Resolution Photos

Now the photo viewer will automatically display photos in the highest resolution possible. On a large display, this can be up to 4 times bigger than before.

Fullscreen View

Starting today, you can expand the photo viewer to take up your entire computer screen.

The feature update may not be very useful to the average user but those with high-resolution cameras will surely love it.

Paul Jake Castillo


Paul Jake Castillo is one dog-loving celeb!


Paul Jake, who’s making the headlines lately for dating actress Melissa Ricks is holding a cute Pomeranian in the pic. Notice how the dog is looking straight at the camera while Paul Jake is looking somewhere else. LoL!

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Get up to 70% discount at Binondo Warehouse Sale 2012


Looking for great discounts?


The week-long Binondo Warehouse Sale will start on Monday, March 26th, up to Sunday, April 1, 2012, at the ground floor of State Center Investment Bldg. in Binondo, Manila.

Get up to 70% off on participating brands like Reebok, Nokia, Lenovo Mobile, Philips, Crocs, Levi’s, Hush Puppies, Dockers, and a lot more.

For inquiries, call MCT Events Management at 643-5490 or 502-1546 or send an e-mail to mctevents@gmail.com.

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Dog Love


Another celeb pic with a dog.


GQ France uses a cute dog for the editorial titled La Legende de Jimmy featuring supermodel Jon Kortajarena, shot by Sergi Pons.

Love how the dog’s coat color matches Jon’s pants.

Vote for Jessica Sanchez


Filipino-Mexican-American Jessica Sanchez has been making us Pinoys so proud recently. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the standing ovation she got after singing Billy Joel’s Everybody Has A Dream during the top 10 performance night of American Idol is her third standing o in the season.

She got one when she sang Jennifer Hudson’s Love You I Do, another one when she did Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You, and then tonight.

Only song of her that the judges didn’t like was Turn the Beat Around (Gloria Estefan) saying her voice wasn’t fit for the song.

Anyway, Jessica is really in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model the next American Idol. I hope Pinoys in the US would support her by voting for her every week.

Jessica Sanchez’s performances below.

Jennifer Hudson’s Love You I Do:

Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You (with over 6 million hits):

Gloria Estefan's Turn The Beat Around:

Billy Joel's Everybody Has A Dream:

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Women’s Mountain Bike Clinic


In line with the celebration of Women’s Day, All Terra Cyclery together with Women's Health, 99.5 RT and San Mateo Sports and Tourism Council presents the Women’s Mountain Bike Clinic.


It will be held on March 24th at the Divine Mercy MTB Park in Guitnang Bayan I, San Mateo, Rizal.

Learn the basic mountain biking skills to enjoy trail riding better, be able to race faster and even smoke past some guys in the pack.

For more details, visit or call:

San Mateo Municipal Tourism/HRD Office Secretariat
Municipal Hall Bldg. Gen. Luna St. Guitnang Bayan I,
San Mateo, Rizal
Tel. # 570-2072/584-8361

Celebrate Earth Hour 2012 - March 31, 8:30 PM


Earth Hour 2012 is coming near, and everyone who loves the planet should participate.


I’m sure everyone is aware, in one way or another, how devastated the Earth is. Pollution, barren mountains, climate change – just a few of the adverse effects of our high demands for living and the clamor for new technology.

I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to turn off the lights for one hour, and it’s quite more exciting this year because more countries are participating.

From its inception as a single-city initiative -- Sydney, Australia - in 2007, Earth Hour has grown into a global symbol of hope and movement for change. Earth Hour 2011 created history as the world's largest ever voluntary action with people, businesses and governments in 135 countries across every continent coming together to celebrate an unambiguous commitment to the one thing that unites us all -- the planet.

But then again you can go beyond the hour to show how you care for our only home in the vast space called the universe.

Earth Hour 2012 happens on March 31st, Saturday, at exactly 8:30 PM.

Show how you care by switching off your lights for one hour, then go beyond the hour.

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FUN - “We are Young”


FUN’s television debut of We are Young on Conan O’Brien’s show. The song is included in their Some Nights album.

I love the high pitch. So young.

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It’s really awkward to ask a stranger if you could take a picture of him, unless he’s a celebrity.

Also, locals are almost always shy and tend to get conscious. Much more, I wouldn’t know what to say if someone I ask to photograph would ask me back with a “why.”


But then you can always use the power of your camera’s zoom and click on the shutter button as soon as they look your way. (He looks like Raymond Nabos, one of the young peeps I know.)


Babies, however, like to be photographed!


And little girls are mostly shy but will actually pose for you.

Photos were shot in Pagbilao, during my recent trip to Kwebang Lampas.

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Metro Manila may experience hotter summer days


The hot weather is so ideal for the beach where you can shed your clothes off, bask in the sun and jump in the cool water as much as you like.


Hot weather, however, makes me so unproductive when I’m in front of my desk. Heat seems to block my creative juices from flowing.

We’ve experienced 34.5-degree Celsius twice this month, considering that it’s only the 10th and not even the middle of summer.

PAGASA says that temperature may rise even up to a hotter 36 in the NCR and even 37 in specific areas.

The thought makes me shiver. Read about the hot weather report here.

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(Photo taken near Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon.)

Nanay says it’s waling-waling; internet says not


I think I’m loving flowers as subjects. They’re small but so full of details.


Found these flowers near the terminal in Ibabang Polo on my way back to Pagbilao town.


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I love dogs, and dogs everywhere seem to love me, too.


I was in Pagbilao last Wednesday to revisit my favorite secluded beach Kwebang Lampas. As the caretaker opened the gate, a local white dog came out of the gate to welcome me. No barking. Just a quiet but nevertheless warm welcome of circling around me and sniffing me with no threat at all.

Her name was Bulag (blind), taken from her right eye that couldn’t see. I also think there’s something wrong with the right side of her face as her right ear was smaller and her nose was slightly upturned to the right. I don’t remember seeing her during my first visit, though.

Alone I might be that time, but Bulag didn’t leave me one bit – stayed not so far while I was swimming, went with me as I walked along the beach, waited patiently while I took pictures, and posed for me when I wanted to take a picture of her.

I think the highlight of our meeting was when I gave her one of the two chicken legs I brought for lunch, which she happily ate. Then she stole the gravy container, perhaps noticing that I haven’t touched it at all.

What’s so touching for me, however, was when she walked me to the waiting boat some half kilometers away from the resort’s gate.

I scratched her nape to say goodbye before hopping on the small boat. But she didn’t leave the shore just yet. She just stood there and watched as the boat took me away.

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Dog behaviors defined


Princess is turning 5 tomorrow. I was planning to walk her at MoA but I’m not so sure anymore. I feel sick, triggered by the long ordinary bus ride last night from Pagbilao to Alabang.

Speaking of dogs, I found this News To Go feature on dog behaviors.

It’s a behavior problem pala when your dog/s jump around and bark when you get home.


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Mayon Volcano remains at Alert Level 1


Mayon Volcano has been put under alert level 1 by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.


It doesn’t mean that the volcano will erupt anytime soon, but just the same, the 6-kilometer radius permanent danger zone (PDZ) should be avoided.

Here’s what the Phivolcs bulletin says:

“Mayon Volcano's (13.2500°N, 123.6833°E) seismic network did not detect any volcanic earthquake during the past 24-hour observation period. Steaming activity was wispy. Crater was visible last night but no glow could be observed. Measurement of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emission rate last 28 February 2012 yielded an average of 56 tonnes per day. Ground deformation survey (precise leveling) conducted last 1–5 February 2012 showed no significant change compared with the November 2011 survey.

“Mayon Volcano's alert status remains at Alert Level 1. Although this means that no eruption is imminent, it is strongly advised that the public refrain from entering the 6-kilometer radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) due to the threat of sudden steam-driven eruptions and rockfalls from the upper and middle slopes of the volcano. Active stream/river channels and those identified as perenially lahar prone areas on all sectors of the volcano should also be avoided especially during bad weather condition or when there is heavy and prolonged rainfall. DOST-PHIVOLCS is closely monitoring Mayon Volcano's activity and any new development will be relayed to all concerned.”

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photo: travelphilippinesnow.com

Of flowers and a funeral


Went to Rosario, Batangas yesterday for the funeral service of Manang Auring, a neighbor and mother of my friend Mylene.

I don’t really attend funerals, but I knew I couldn’t pass on that one. Mylene’s so dear to me I just had to be there.

The commute Saturday morning was so fast. Barely three hours. Been there last year to attend Mylene’s wedding but we chartered a jeep that time.

We also chartered a jeep for the funeral but they left Friday night. Couldn’t afford an overnighter so I just went there alone Saturday.

It was an easy feat, I even altered Mylene’s directions so I could get there fast. LoL! Went near Lipa market where jeeps bound for San Juan pass, instead of waiting for the jeep at Robinsons terminal to get full.

Walking alone from where the jeep dropped me off to Mylene’s house made me nostalgic of my solo out-of-town trips. Passing by farms, the smell of fresh grass and soil, the sun’s heat on my skin… And then I wondered what K and the rest of the kids were doing in Anawangin that time. LoL! No regrets, though. I knew I’d regret it more if I went to Anawangin and didn’t attend the funeral. As much as I value communing with nature, I value my human relationships more.

Arrived at Mylene’s house a few minutes before 9 a.m. After the pleasantries and stuff, I joined my younger neighbors. Time passed by so sloooowwww. I just amused myself with the flowers and the trees.

And then I realized flowers were more beautiful in pictures than they really are in physical form.

DSC_0147 DSC_0153 DSC_0154 DSC_0158 DSC_0119

Everyone got emotional at the church, especially when the casket was opened and everyone cried. Seeing Mylene, who’s an only child, crying broke my heart. Haven’t seen her cry before, not even during her wedding (I always see brides cry during wedding speeches but not Mylene). And I guess the fact that she’s 8 months pregnant with her first child made it more painful. Had her mom lasted even just a month and a few days longer, she would’ve seen her first grandchild.

Anyway, superstition prevented Mylene from going inside the cemetery. She just stayed outside the gate with some cousins.

Her mom just got sick for eleven days before dying. According to the family, Manang Auring was in an El Shaddai service that Friday when she found it hard to breathe. She was rushed to the hospital and they found out her hemoglobin went so low. She had blood transfusions but her lab tests showed a lump inside her stomach. Doctors said it was malignant but barely in stage 1. They advised the family, though, not to have it removed cuz it had already caused complications in other organs of her body. They were told she only had a few days left.

Mag-ingat sa Sunog


March is Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines.

Please be careful with anything that could spark fire. Fire cases especially grows during the summer months because of the very dry atmosphere.

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video: youtube.com/gmanetwork

Pill Box and Tubes


Planning to go out of town soon so I updated my “gears.”

Bought this pill box that can also carry a bottle of White Flower (which I don’t leave without).


It opens in half and the little compartments on both sides are individually covered. Been wanting to buy this for a long time but always thought twice as it would only use up space inside my bag. As a result, my medicine tablets are left scattered at the bottom of the small transparent pouch I use as a vanity kit. I decided to be more organized this year.

I also bought three little squeezable lotion tubes for (1) lotion; (2) shampoo; and (3) liquid soap.


I’m no liquid soap user but it’s hard to bring soap bars when traveling. I always end up leaving the bar behind after using it cuz wet soap bars are messy even when you put them inside a container. Soaps are generally cheap but I really don’t like throwing things away. By bringing along liquid soap in a squeeze tube, I can bring whatever’s left of it back home. Same reason for shampoos and lotions in sachets. Once you open them, it’s hard to put them back inside the backpack.

These tubes are so small they won’t take up much space inside my bag. Somehow I wish lotion and shampoo manufacturers would market their products in bottle sizes this small for the sake of the backpackers. Sachet packets are really not for traveling if you’re so kuripot like me and would like to bring back home even the last drop that’s left of your shampoo.

Anyway, how I wish I’d be able to use these little “gadgets” to Anawangin Cove with the MSOC kids this Friday. But sadly I’m not going with them because (1) they will be staying there till Sunday and I have a prescheduled out-of-town daytrip on March 4th; and (2) I have been there already and didn’t like it much. I’d really prefer the peaceful Kwebang Lampas over a crowded Anawangin Cove anytime.

Pill Case – P69.00 (Watsons)
Lotion Tube – P69.75 each (Watsons)

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Product Review: CDR King Mobile Power Bank (PWB-001-VT)


Surfing the internet on mobile phones consumes so much battery. And going low batt while you’re in the middle of something is such a bad thing when you’re not at home and can’t recharge your batteries.


If you’re like me who wants to be connected at all times, you’d find CDR King’s Mobile Power Bank (PWB-001-VT) a very handy gadget to bring with you at all times.

This very small device (3/4 the size of my Samsung Galaxy Y) can charge a variety of cellphones including iPad and other tablets, mp3s, GPS and Bluetooth devices among others.


It comes with eight commonly used adaptors, which makes it the more useful. I also love the fact that the adaptor (at least on my Samsung Galaxy Y) is not loose when plugged so its okay to use the cellphone while charging without worrying that it’ll get disconnected when you move.

It costs P990.00 with a 3-month warranty. Not bad. They have cheaper models but I went for this one cuz it promises 6800 mAh, the highest mAh in their line.

I haven’t tested yet how many times a fully charged 6800 mAh power bank can be used to recharge a cellphone, though, but its factory charge was able to fully charge my low batt Galaxy Y so I’m considering it a good buy already.

And hey, it comes with a flash light/blinking light too! Now that’s a funny add-on but would also come in handy when I’m in the mountains.

If ever you’re buying, make sure you have your cellphone/gadget with you. I was told by the sales rep that some power bank models don’t work on specific brands.


  • Capacity: 6800mAh
  • Input: DC 5.0V~1000mA
  • Output: DC 5.3V~1000mA (Max)
  • Dimension: 74 x 54.5 x 29mm


  • With USB output for charging mobile phones MP3/MP4 players, digital cameras and more
  • Portable and can be carried anywhere
  • Charge your devices anytime and anywhere

You can check out the product page here.

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