Pill Box and Tubes

Planning to go out of town soon so I updated my “gears.”

Bought this pill box that can also carry a bottle of White Flower (which I don’t leave without).


It opens in half and the little compartments on both sides are individually covered. Been wanting to buy this for a long time but always thought twice as it would only use up space inside my bag. As a result, my medicine tablets are left scattered at the bottom of the small transparent pouch I use as a vanity kit. I decided to be more organized this year.

I also bought three little squeezable lotion tubes for (1) lotion; (2) shampoo; and (3) liquid soap.


I’m no liquid soap user but it’s hard to bring soap bars when traveling. I always end up leaving the bar behind after using it cuz wet soap bars are messy even when you put them inside a container. Soaps are generally cheap but I really don’t like throwing things away. By bringing along liquid soap in a squeeze tube, I can bring whatever’s left of it back home. Same reason for shampoos and lotions in sachets. Once you open them, it’s hard to put them back inside the backpack.

These tubes are so small they won’t take up much space inside my bag. Somehow I wish lotion and shampoo manufacturers would market their products in bottle sizes this small for the sake of the backpackers. Sachet packets are really not for traveling if you’re so kuripot like me and would like to bring back home even the last drop that’s left of your shampoo.

Anyway, how I wish I’d be able to use these little “gadgets” to Anawangin Cove with the MSOC kids this Friday. But sadly I’m not going with them because (1) they will be staying there till Sunday and I have a prescheduled out-of-town daytrip on March 4th; and (2) I have been there already and didn’t like it much. I’d really prefer the peaceful Kwebang Lampas over a crowded Anawangin Cove anytime.

Pill Case – P69.00 (Watsons)
Lotion Tube – P69.75 each (Watsons)

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