I love dogs, and dogs everywhere seem to love me, too.


I was in Pagbilao last Wednesday to revisit my favorite secluded beach Kwebang Lampas. As the caretaker opened the gate, a local white dog came out of the gate to welcome me. No barking. Just a quiet but nevertheless warm welcome of circling around me and sniffing me with no threat at all.

Her name was Bulag (blind), taken from her right eye that couldn’t see. I also think there’s something wrong with the right side of her face as her right ear was smaller and her nose was slightly upturned to the right. I don’t remember seeing her during my first visit, though.

Alone I might be that time, but Bulag didn’t leave me one bit – stayed not so far while I was swimming, went with me as I walked along the beach, waited patiently while I took pictures, and posed for me when I wanted to take a picture of her.

I think the highlight of our meeting was when I gave her one of the two chicken legs I brought for lunch, which she happily ate. Then she stole the gravy container, perhaps noticing that I haven’t touched it at all.

What’s so touching for me, however, was when she walked me to the waiting boat some half kilometers away from the resort’s gate.

I scratched her nape to say goodbye before hopping on the small boat. But she didn’t leave the shore just yet. She just stood there and watched as the boat took me away.

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