Freddy's (not) Dead


Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger

Platinum Dunes will re-launch the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie series. The producers (Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form) are hoping to focus part of the new movie on Krueger's backstory. Expect a lot of hate (as Freddy was murdered by angry parents).

This is much like what they did on Star Wars. Prequels, prequels.

Oh, also expect the Freddy Krueger toys's prices to go up.



It's sometimes funny how we are reminded of scenes from the past or of conversations we've had. Like a spray of hot cooking oil while I was walking in the kitchen reminded me of a kid at the shop last New Year. He had this small circles of burn on his right arm. I asked about it and he said it happened while he was frying tocino for media noche the night before that.

Well, I didn't have anything for media noche last New Year, but that's because we chose not to have anything. The kid actually sounded proud for having the tocino that night, and it reminded me of how often I do not eat breakfast because I do not like tocino.

Mobile Harassment


I keep two cellular phones, each with a different service provider so I can keep in touch with all my friends easily regardless of the service they use (good thing my circle of friends are only either Globe or Smart subscribers, or I would have a cellphone for every single service).

I haven't been using much of my Globe phone for quite some time. All my "Globe" friends seem to shy away from texting all of a sudden. All of them but one. And such a tremendous texter this one is. I would leave my Globe unattended for 2 days and when I check it, it would be full of his messages. His messages include:

  1. good morning;
  2. good afternoon;
  3. good evening;
  4. still awake?;
  5. eat well (during meal times);
  6. take care (anytime he feels concern); and
  7. goodnight.
I know he sends his messages using the send-to-list option of his phone, and I was flattered at first that he included me in the list of friends he wanted to greet frequently. But then it's getting so annoyingly frequent. It's okay if his messages are of some importance or it's more tolerable if he really wants to start a "conversation". But the funny thing is, when I reply to his messages (I did during the first few days of receiving those "general messages"), he won't reply back. So it's like:

friend: good morning
me: good morning. how r u?
friend: (after a few hours) eat well

Sometimes, buying a phone with a filter feature crosses my mind. That's how annoying he gets.

headbands and a saved relationship


I never got the book Twisted8 (I'm buying one on Sunday). But I received lots of hair stuff - headbands in all sorts of colors; crimpers; iron... I guess my friends and family want me to keep my hair afro. None of the headbands fitted me, though. I really have a big head.

Anyway, I still have it going with The Second One. I don't know but perhaps I can't let go. I talked with my friend Aryz last night and told him about my plans of breaking it up with The Second One. Aryz told me to take it slow. I asked, "But how?" He said, "I don't know."

I'm really not the type to take it slow. It's not in my limited vocabulary. It's either now or never. I have to say what I got to say. There's no tomorrow. Perhaps that's where I'm wrong at. Perhaps that's the cause of all my failed relationships. But that's me. I've yet to meet the person who would yell back at me when I'm mad (not just keep quiet and then decide not to talk to me forever).

But then my day turned out quite fine. I was able to patch things up; was able to finally know what the problem was. I deserve it, I guess. I deserve to be happy. It's mah burtdey, after all.

me and my guitars


If my guitars had emotions, they would have gotten mad at me for using them only when I'm sad. But yea. I only realized that this afternoon when I found myself looking for the little blue guitar. I learned a new song. Too Many Walls. I wanted to learn Someday by Nina but it was a piano piece. I still need to contact Aries, my guitar coach from way back, to make guitar notes of the song for me. Oh, he'll do it for free. We're already friends haha.

Someone's gonna love me
The way
I wanted you to need me

another tv post


In an interview entitled "Aging Beautifully", Cory Quirino said that we should sleep before midnight so that our cells could renew themselves.

But I never sleep before midnight. Sorry cells.

Tickle me. Har har.

too much tv


I watched the re-run of Shall We Dance last Sunday night with my mother. We learned it was a re-run when the host said "it's still 20 days before Christmas...". Anyway, two of the constestants were actors rumored to be gay and rumored to be, well, a pair. My mother looked at me with creased eyebrows when I laughed out loud to the thought of Paolo Ballesteros and Uma Khouney dancing as a pair.

With nothing much left to do on a Sunday night, I kept the television turned on. I really am a late sleeper. I'd rather watch the most nonsensical show on television than keep my eyes closed, trying to sleep before midnight. And so I chanced upon this Cherry Pie Picache movie entitled Manay Po. Her three sons in the movie were all gays. Imagine that. Paolo and Uma crossed my mind when one of Cherrie Pie's son in the movie got "married" to his boyfriend. And again, I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Good thing my mother was already sleeping.

My Sunday night was so gay.

The Novel Heart of a Child


I had the chance to watch one of my favorite movies again last night. I accidentally found the VHS tape of Pay It Forward while looking for a book. My VHS player, for all I knew, wasn't working anymore. What with all the years it had been put into rest. But just to make sure (and I also wanted to know for sure that it's not working before I threw it away with the VHS tape), I plugged it in and connected it to the television set. And lo and behold! it's still working. The video head was just a little dirty, good thing I still have the cleaner. And my day ended watching Pay It Forward.

Haley Joel Osment was a cute kid. I wonder how he looks now. Is he still acting? I haven't seen him lately. Or perhaps I'm just so left behind the movie fandom.

Going back to the movie, Trevor (Haley) got his social studies assignment: think of something to change the world and put it into action. So the kid thought of something. He decided that if he could do three good deeds to someone and they in turn could "pay it forward" and so forth, positive changes could occur. Such a novel idea. But isn't it human nature to expect for payment for any good deed that we do? Well, not if your a saint.

But despite the contradiction in my belief, it's a very, very good movie that it remained one of my favorites through all these years. Too bad I can't put Trevor's idea into practice.



Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane
I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain
Oh and I can see Daniel waving goodbye.
God it looks like Daniel
Must be the clouds in my eyes.

I'm not much of an Elton John fan but I wonder if he wrote this song before he admitted he was gay. I also wonder who Daniel is. Haha. Nada. I'm just so full of wonderings tonight. Not to mention I'm playing an online game while blogging.

Woot! I really am normal again.



I haven't bought a copy of Zafra's latest, Twisted8. I'm actually waiting for some good soul to gift me with the book hehe. But then perhaps if I still don't have the book by the 24th of this month, I'm buying one for myself. Or should I still wait for my birthday to be over before buying? Hmm really I can't wait to get hold of the book.

the season


Been nearly 2 months since I last posted. I guess it's because I am really not good at multitasking. How can anyone handle 2 love affairs (one so after another), the season, business promos,and blogging? But I guess the first two are over now. And I'm back to normal again.

It wasn't in my agenda to indulge in such heart affairs, really. Not during the season. For I have spent so many Christmasses crying over a lost love. And I don't wanna have any more blue Christmas. But then they just came.. and conquered. The first one was a pre-Christmas affair; started getting sour the 21st of December. I was so worried that my Christmas would be blue until after a day, the 22nd of December, the second one started texting me like crazy. So my fear that my Christmas would be spent hurting over someone didn't happen. As a matter of fact, the "second one" and I became officially "us" on Christmas day.

But then I think it's failing, too...

Part of our text exchange Tuesday night:
The Second One: it's like i have no freedom anymore
Me: because of me?
The Second One: i dunno...
Me: was i so demanding of ur time? (i really don't remember being demanding)
The Second One: dnt know...

Hmm.. that doesn't sound so promising, does it? Well... "dnt know"...

Unlike the "others", I really don't make a fuzz about having no SO on Christmasses. It's so okay for me to be spending the season without. But celebrating Christmas and New Year with a broken heart is another thing. And it almost did happen again. Thanks to the second one who saved my heart during the season.

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