Let's Kill Time


Been here since 1.30. It's almost 3. And I'm still 2nd in line. Seems like Princess' charm didn't work this time.

Ang Daya!


I just hate it when taxi drivers won't use the meter. It's so unfair!



Hello Everyone,

Please help me find my pet Pomeranian KETCHUP.
She is orange in color and is 7 months(DOB: July '08).
She is a sweet dog and is very friendly.
She got lost this morning (Feb 23, 2009) in my residence MAKATI (San Antonio Village). REWARD OFFERED.

Please if you find her kindly Call the numbers indicated below.
Landline: 729-4396 & 757-8504
Cellphone: 0917-5290010
E-mail: beauty_blossoms_888@yahoo.com
Look for Liza Lapuz
Please also help us spread the word, please send this link
http://helpusfindketchup.blogspot.com to your friends, family and VETS.
Please help us re-post to your blogs/multiply sites/ yahoo groups, Every re-post counts in helping us find our Ketchup. Thank you everyone who will support and help us in our search.

I'm also a pet owner... And I wouldn't know what to do if my Princess got lost.

Poster Boy


I hope someone would also do this around the metro. LOL I can just imagine the issues it would cause if they distort, say, Boy Abunda's ad campaign for his perfume! I could almost hear him say, "'Wag naman kaibigan!"

Princess Has Ehrlichia


Princess is positive for ehrlichia, a blood parasite which cannot be totally cured. Something like amoebiasis that attacks when triggered.

But it's not terminal so she doesn't have the symptoms. Dr. Quinto says symptoms only show when it's terminal already, and terminal meaning it's harder to cure (or in ehrlichia's case, make passive).

Anyway we dropped by Penshoppe first before going to the vet.

And look at Princess trying to get out of the bag. Her collar, anyway, was attached to the bag so she failed to do so.

But she succeeded in getting free when we were already going out of Animal House. She managed to get her head free from her collar! I actually stopped walking the instant I noticed cuz I knew she'd run if I tried to chase her. Good enough, I called her name and she walked back to me with a wagging tail. She always does that (wags her tail) whenever she thinks she has outsmarted me. But anyway, I was surprised when she ran away as I was trying to reach for her which made me panic and start to chase her. And we weren't alone in the chase. Dr. Quinto and the secretary joined us! LOL! And I gathered that Princess ran because she noticed the vet and the secretary coming towards us. The two came in rescue when they saw Princess unleashed. But their rescue made it worse!

So funny cuz Princess rushed towards the exit which was just beside the clinic. Good thing there were a couple flight of steps leading to the door. The stairs slowed her down.

Dr. Quinto adjusted Princess' collar herself before they let us go. LOL!

I bought this at Penshoppe before the vet visit:

And Penshoppe's window looks so good LOL.
JC Tiuseco and some girl model.

Funny Van


I thought Van Pojas/Roxas was a little serious and a little quiet, someone who would just listen to Sen’s rants and just butt in when he had an important input. Just what I thought the whole time I was watching him on 24/7.

I didn’t know he could be so funny! I think he made fun of Bugoy but it didn’t stop me from laughing out loud while watching this video:

New Ericsson, New Nokia


image image

Should it be the Sony Ericsson with 12-megapixel cam, 3.5-inch LCD and Xenon flash?

Or should it be the new Nokia N86 with 8-megapixel cam?


Sarah the Pet Lover


I now love Sarah Geronimo - not because of her singing but because she also loves dogs. Imagine having 12 Yorkies!

The Journey in Manila


Photo via Arnel Pineda Official Website

I was quite excited when I checked out the ticket prices at ticketnet.com.ph for The Journey concert on March 14 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. I was so used to seeing the most expensive seat at the top of the list. At the top was 3,500. I was already planning on asking my niece to the concert, what to wear and how to get there when my eyes fell on the bottom of the price list. Amf! 10k!

I wonder why they put the priciest seat at the bottom. Hmf!

Seat Location and Price
VIP (Reserved Seating) - 3500
Gold (Free Seating) - 2500
Silver (Standing) (Free Seating) - 1500
Bronze (Standing) (Free Seating) - 500
Platinum (Reserved Seating) - 10000

Edit: They changed the ticket prices to:
VIP (Reserved Seating) 3605
Gold (Free Seating) 2575
Silver (Standing) (Free Seating) 1545
Bronze (Standing) (Free Seating) 515

Something You Might Need To Know


I found this video about resetting the chipset memory of ink cartridges. Anyway I've just taken a look at my HP cartridge. It doesn't have that small hole that's described in the video.

Anyway here's the video. Hope this will help those who have small holes on their cartridges. LOL!

Should I Believe?


I've never believed in Zodiacs. But I was surprised by this:
You know the zodiac can go on and on about good and bad qualities, which in my opinion, everyone of us possess. But to say that an Aquarian "Loves their pets usually more than their family" got me thinking.

Well, yeah, I love my Shih-Tzu so much. Sometimes more than my... family! How can this zodiac be so true???

And are these celebs also Aquarians?




Photos via Chuvaness and Just Jared

Boyce Avenue in Manila


Weee Boyce Avenue is coming! But it's just a series of mall shows. Too bad.

I hate free concerts. I just know I won't be able to see them. And I also know I would have aching toes and somebody else's sweat on my shirt and arms. LOL! Too much negativity. But really, big, unruly crowd's not for me.

But I'm still a fan. So here's the mall sched:
February 12 - SM Cebu, 6 PM
February 13 - SM Mall of Asia, 7 PM
February 14 - SM North Edsa, 5 pm
February 15 - SM Megamall, 7:30 PM



Princess vomited her dinner last Friday night. I thought it was just the food because she usually throws up unwanted food after eating it. But she threw up thrice on Saturday and the same on Sunday. It happened a few hours after her meals. So off to the vet on Monday!

She had blood, kidney and liver tests, but since the results were still to come out Wednesday (today), Dr. Djoanna Quinto gave Princess meds for gastroenteritis and something for vomiting. Her conclusion was gastroenteritis but just to be sure, I agreed to have those other tests taken.

Princess was again put on a special diet (my credit card's already complaining).

Anyway, the results of the tests were phoned to me by Dr. Quinto this morning. Princess' kidney and liver are normal. But her lymphocyte and isoprinosine are slightly high so she was prescribed 2 additional medicines (which I've yet to buy).

Princess, I think, just wanted to be nursed. Cuz she didn't show any more sign of sickness when we arrived from the vet (even before I gave her the medicine). And she hadn't vomited up until now.

But she can't take a bath for 7 days and she's still on the prescription diet and she has to take meds for up to the 18th. We go back to the vet on the 19th.

Anyway, I bought dog biscuits and treats last Monday (to be "enjoyed" after the recovery):

This one's a freebie from the 3.5kg Pedigree:

And I promised to buy her this bed if there was nothing wrong with the blood, kidney and liver tests. But there was! So I guess this bed has to wait:

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