PLDT MyDSL fails… again


PLDT MyDSL has failed me in the past, but nothing as long a time as the last one which started a day or two before New Year’s Eve.

Webpages would fail to load, or stop while trying to reach Publishing blog posts through Windows Live Writer was next to impossible; not even through the Blogger-droid app on my Android phone.

After a few days of that, I found a way around to somehow get to the websites I was trying to visit. Once the status bar of my browser takes at least 5 seconds saying it’s connecting to, google fonts, or anything that says google, I would press the escape key or click the stop icon. The page would then skip that google thing and continue loading the website.

I initially thought it was my router because one night (after several days of turmoil), I decided to do a stand-alone connection. I disconnected the modem from the router and connected it directly to my netbook. The connection went smoothly so I immediately scouted for a new router, blaming my current one.

I almost bought one, but the night before my planned trip to my suki sales rep in SM Bicutan, I decided to do a stand-alone connection again. Lo and behold, I had the same slow connection as when I was using the router!

Good thing there are forums, though. And I learned that I wasn’t the only one experiencing the same troubles. And if the problem is on PLDT’s end, there’s no use wasting my time waiting for a customer service representative to answer my 172 call.

My connection, however, is already stable for two days now. But it’s just so irritating that PLDT has never learned to give advisories to their customers about their network troubles. Haven’t it occurred to them that giving out advisories would lessen the callers complaining on their hotlines?

Anyway, yes, I’m still on the old modem. I’m even using a very old Xyzel modem when almost all of the PLDT MyDSL subscribers in my area already have the modem+wifi router unit.

Been a subscriber for 11 years now. And I’m even willing to keep on using the old modem if PLDT would transfer my connection to their new platform. I’m still on their very first platform (Legacy) that’s why my speed cap is still 2.5mbps despite paying P4k (Small Biz Lite) for the DSL service alone.

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List of National Holidays for 2014


For those of you who plan your vacay early, here's the list of National Holidays for 2014:

Regular Holiday:
January 1 - New Year's Day
April 9 - Araw Ng Kagitingan
April 17 - Maundy Thursday
April 18 - Good Friday
May 1 - Labor Day
June 12 - Independence Day
August 25 - National Heroes Day
November 30 - Bonifacio Day
December 25 - Christmas Day
December 30 - Rizal Day

Special (Non-Working) Days:
January 31 - Chinese New Year
April 19 - Black Saturday
August 21 - Ninoy Aquino Day
November 1 - All Saint's Day
December 24 - Additonal Special (Non-Working) Day
December 26 - Additonal Special (Non-Working) Day
December 31 - Last Day of the Year

Special Holiday for All Schools:
February 25 - EDSA Revolution Anniversary

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