Mt. Halcon and the ‘Taong Lumot’


I haven’t been to Mt. Halcon yet (especially that I’ve stopped climbing for some months already), but I don’t think I’m going anywhere near that particular mountain sometime next year.

The mountain, and its Taong Lumot, was featured in Rated K last Sunday or its Halloween special. Watch:

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Mr. UN


Got invited by my friend’s son to watch him compete at his school’s Mr. and Ms. United Nations 2013. I willingly agreed.

Mr. & Ms. UN

And he won! Congrats, Detdet!

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Philippines Earthquake - October 15, 2013


October 15, 2013 was such a sad day for the Philippines, specifically to the people of Central Visayas that was most affected by the magnitude 7.2 earthquake.

The tremblor hit at exactly 8:12 AM of Tuesday, with epicenter located 2 kilometers southeast of Carmen, Bohol.

It was so powerful, however, to have affected even the nearby province of Cebu, where it was felt at Intensity 6.

Carmen, Bohol

As of 8:30 PM Tuesday, Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Central Visayas says 86 have already been recorded dead due to the quake, while 261 are injured and 7 are still missing.

@PIACentralViz: RDRRMC Sitrep As of 8:30PM/Oct. 15: 86 dead, 261 injured, 7 missing in #VisayasQuake #earthquakePH

The October 15, 2013 Bohol earthquake is the 6th most powerful earthquake to have hit the country for the last 50 years. Topping the list was the magnitude 7.9 earthquake that hit Moro Gulf in 1976, killing nearly 6,000 people.

My mother cried while watching the videos of the earthquake’s aftermath shown on TV this morning. While I almost cried because I still haven’t visited those ruined Catholic churches.

Meanwhile, CCTV camera footages shared by those who experienced the earthquake first hand let us virtually experience the earthquake. And I just know I’d freak out especially when I’m near this pool shown in the video below.

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