He's Not Ugly!


Pabst, a boxer mix, won in the 21st annual World's Ugliest Dog contest. Don't you think the competition is so mean? And why would someone enter his dog in the competition? If you love your dog, you won't call him ugly in any way.

But maybe the prices (1600 USD, modelling contract, and a tablefull of collars, leashes and toys) made it okay for the world to call their dogs ugly.



Most people, especially us Asians, want to grow tall. Statuesque like a model, tall like an NBA player. That's why Cherifer is so popular among mothers who want their kids to grow taller than their genes could offer.

But Tanya Angus has a different story. She lived a normal teenage life. By the time she was 20, she was 5'11" and weighed 115 pounds. But then she noticed her clothes and shoes don't fit her anymore. She consulted several doctors about it but all of them said there's practically nothing wrong about it.

Now she's 30. And she's 480 pounds at 6'6". Doctors recognize that she has acromegaly, a disorder that makes you grow even after the puberty period. So you could be 50 and still growing.

According to Wikipedia: Acromegaly is a syndrome that results when the pituitary gland produces excess growth hormone (hGH) after epiphyseal plate closure. A number of disorders may affect the pituitary to create this circumstance, although most commonly it involves a GH producing tumor derived from a distinct type of cells (somatotrophs) and called pituitary adenoma.

Andre the Giant had this disorder, too, but he was never treated. He died young at the age of 46 due to heart problems.

Tanya, though, is now being treated. But it may be too late. Her condition is not getting any better despite many surgeries. A large brain tumor wrapped around her pituitary gland keeps on coming back even if several surgeries were done to remove it.

Realizing her hopeless condition, Tanya wants acromegaly be known. She wants to reach out and tell others with the same condition to get treatment as early as possible.

She's a brave woman. And in some other way, she's also telling us to be thankful for our good health... and to just be contented with how tall (or short) we are.

Photo via weeklyworldnews.com

New Cover For New Moon


Now I know why Twilight books are being given away by Kodak. I myself got a free New Moon when I bought a Kodak last month.

It's because they're reprinting it with new cover.

Teen Sues For Starry Face


kimberly vlaeminck
What would you do if you woke up with 56 star tattoes on your face?

Of course you'd sue. And that's what the Romanian teen Kimberly Vlaeminck did to tattoo artist Rouslan Tourmaniantz.

Kimberly, 18, said she only asked for three star tattooes near her left eye. How did it become 56? She said she was so relaxed during the process that she fell asleep. She only woke up when Rouslan was already working on her nose of what was now the 56th tattoo.

Did the tattoo artist get possessed by an ink god (whatever) that he wasn't able to stop on the third star?

Well Rouslan said he only did what he was asked to do. He also explained that Kimberly was awake the whole time and was even happy when she left the shop. She only got dismayed and blamed Rouslan when she got negative feedbacks from her family.

Rouslan, though, wants to keep his clients happy and said he'd pay for half the cost of the tattoo removal. Now that's half of the 10,000 euros Kimberly is suing him for. It's actually the cost of the laser removal.

Photo via celebritysmackblog.com

Coffin Couch



Would you even consider sitting on this coffin err couch?

DotA Allstars 6.60b


DotA Allstars v6.60b

I hope they make an AI map of this one soon.

Download DotA Allstars 6.60b here.

Jammie Thomas-Rasset Fined For Using KaZaA


Jammie Thomas-Rasset is a 32-year-old married mother of four. She has a bachelor's degree in business administration and marketing from St. Cloud State University. She is accused of illegally downloading and distributing 24 songs via KaZaA. Thomas-Rasset denies it.

Now she must pay fines totaling $1.92 million to the RIAA, as a penalty for violating the copyrights on 24 songs

Good grief. If there was a clear law here regarding the use of KaZaA, Limewire, torrent, and the likes, I think 80% of Metro Manila's population would be charged.

But then again, I guess they should go to the root of the problem. Why not imprison whoever made KaZaA?

This is like punishing those who use illegal drugs but letting the drug suppliers run free.

Photo via geek.com

Do It Like David Blaine


I was interested in magic as a kid. And a while back, Vanessa’s boyfriend posted this ala-David Blaine video on YouTube that I, in turn, also posted in this blog.

David Blaine is kinda famous for his street magic and levitation techniques just like this one:

Then last night, I saw a kid at the shop watching this:

Now we know how David Blaine does that! LOL! Let's get out there and show off, too! Don't forget to bring your cameras.


Photo via islandcrisis.net

Always Wash Those Hands



My youngest nephew’s amoebiasis struck again. He was confined at the Parañaque Med for three days beginning Saturday, June 13th. I visited him Sunday and Monday. He complained about not being able to eat because he wasn’t allowed to eat anything till Sunday afternoon. But he still complained cuz he was only allowed to eat lugaw and boiled egg.

Anyway, visiting my nephew brought back memories of being in the ICU of that same hospital some 2 years ago. And I fully understand my nephew’s whining. Even if he could eat a full meal, I know he’s gonna complain about some other things just to have something to whine about.

It’s never easy being confined.

There’s nothing to be happy about the incident, but Juansen (my sister’s eldest) was made to stay with us while the other kid was at the hospital (the father’s not in the country at the moment). Juansen and I enjoyed some bonding  moments cuz I brought him with me to my ortho appointment Monday before going to the mall, then we visited his brother at the hospital. We spent his nights here playing Restaurant City and trading ingredients LOL!

Juansen missed the first and second day of his Grade 7. No one would drive him to school. He only started attending his classes yesterday. The younger kid is doing okay now at home and would start going to school on Monday.



I felt so sleepy yesterday afternoon that despite my workload, I locked myself in my niece's bedroom to take a nap.

It was my old bedroom but it became too small for me I decided to move to a bigger one. Most of my old stuff are still there, like my old clothes in the closet and my big office table that my niece is now using. Lying on the bed, I could see the small shelf built under the table where I used to store the gift boxes I accumulated from Christmas and birthday presents over the years.

I remember how I loved boxes. They keep me organized especially during the time I got hooked into cross-stitching. My DMC's were actually stored in those boxes in chronological order. And the boxes were labeled with the range of DMC number they contained.

The box labels were still visible from the bed.

Ah, I miss those times when my day wasn't divided into tasks; when I woke up in the morning unhurriedly and spend the whole day organizing my room, reading a book, or doing carpentry projects I would find on DIY magazines.

But then I guess those days are over. Well unless I'm so rich I can just stay at home the whole day without working.

Seeing those boxes, though, made me want to try cross-stitching again.

8 Things I Think are Crucial For Me To Stay Happy


1. My mom - have lived with her all my life. I can't imagine living without someone who understands and cares for me, and who loves me just because.

2. Good health - good health is the greatest treasure one could have. You might have all the money in the world, but money doesn't cure illnesses all the time.

I had only been in the hospital twice - first was when I suffered amoebiasis during my college days, second was for hypokalemia two years ago. The second one was a little major and I was almost ready to die when it happened. My body was lifeless. I couldn't even lift a finger or move my toes. And I was like, I couldn't live like this I might as well die.

Hypokalemia changed my life, really. It made me realize that I can die any time, and that death won't give you a notice when it comes. From then on, I tried to make every single day of my life fruitful and meaningful as much as I could.

3. Money - let's face it, it's easier to be happy when you have money. Material things bring happiness, admit it. And it's easier to live life with money. Been there myself.

I was in grade one when the mining company my father was working for died down. It was hard for all of us, especially because my older sister is already going to college that same year. My father decided to move to Manila when opportunity came. He brought my older siblings with him. My mom and I stayed at the province, and I remember how my mother did everything she knew to make money. Aside from sewing, which she kept as a job since she was still single, she also raised hogs, planted bananas, bought and sold goods to and from Manila. I was sad for her. I was the only witness (in our family) of her hard work.

When my father and two siblings had settled a bit, dad started sending us money. I knew mom started feeling a little better. And I can still remember vividly the coloring book and crayons she bought me the day after she received the money. And I knew at that moment that I could already breathe a little easier.

4. My dog - oh lo! She's the center of my life. I originally planned to adopt a kid but with the bad experiences on bringing up my two nieces, I decided against it. It's kinda hard to invest in people, more especially so when they're not your own kids. I'd rather give all of my parental attention to my shih tzu. At least dogs give their humans unconditional love.

5. Friends - I'm not a big crowd person, but I have a lot of friends. Friends who don't like big crowds, too. LOL!

6. Internet - my love. How could anyone possibly live a fast-paced life without the internet these days? Well, at least I think I can't.

7. Movies - Most movies I've watched, I watched over the net. So I put internet first before movies.

It's just such a good experience to get lost in a movie everytime. And hey, we learn a lot just by watching.

8. Travelling - I make it a point to go somewhere new each year. This year I'm planning to go to Sagada. Perhaps during the "ber" months. I just don't have any idea yet on who to drag along. But I don't think that'd be a problem at all.

This list is originally 10. But I can't think of two more that'd be "crucial" to my happiness. LOL!

You Wanna Gain Weight?


Been feeling back aches and right arm cramps since yesterday. And I know it's because of Ling Zhi. I gotta stop taking it. Hypokalemia is striking again.

Ling Zhi has steroids. And steroids causes potassium levels to drop. My doctors say it's not Ling Zhi, though, cuz its steroid content is so little. But then why do I feel the symptoms of hypokalemia a few days after I started taking Ling Zhi? I don't wanna be confined at the ICU again. And for that, I have to shift vitamins. I was prescribed with Mosegor but it's not as good as Ling Zhi in giving me "mass." But then again, I don't wanna be hospitalized if I can avoid it.

Ling Zhi costs 500 php. The bottle contains 30 capsules. And I still have 26 capsules left.

Throwing the bottle would mean throwing my money. I'd rather give it to someone who likes it. I'd give it for free. Just pay for the shipment. LOL! I'm serious.

You can contact me via the comment section of this blog.

5 Kg. in a Month


I started taking Ling Zhi vitamins last Friday. I don't take it everyday cuz I'm afraid it would cause my potassium to drop again. I'm still observing how my system is reacting. So I take it every other day. I'm now 55 kg and I wanna gain 5 kg. in a month. We'll see if I'd reach my goal.



mobile mag

Received my free Mobile Philippines subscription this morning, and I just can't help but go ooh and ahh at the featured digicams. I promised myself, though, that I won't be buying anymore digicams until I've gotten myself a Flip camcorder.

From the Inbox


Found this in my inbox:


Trilogy Lifestyle Boutique & Canteen, NOW OPEN for BUSINESS!

110 Alvion Center, Rada Street, Legaspi Village

Makati, Philippines
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Visit their website here.

Battle of the (Networks) Beauties


anne izacalzado

Meg and Mega has Anne Curtis and Iza Calzado on their covers respectively. Who do you think is hotter? I wonder if the rival tv networks also compete on magazine covers. Like if they know someone from the other channel is covering next month's mag issue, would they push it so that their talent is also on the cover of that mag's rival next month?

Just wondering.

Battle of the (Networks) Beauties


anne izacalzado

Meg and Mega has Anne Curtis and Iza Calzado on their covers respectively. Who do you think is hotter? I wonder if the rival tv networks also compete on magazine covers. Like if they know someone from the other channel is covering next month's mag issue, would they push it so that their talent is also on the cover of that mag's rival next month?

Just wondering.



It had been long ago when I last admired a movie poster I wanted to have one.


Love it. Makes me want to start collecting movie posters.

But then regardless of the poster, I'd definitely watch Revenge of the Fallen when it hits theaters.

Japanese Spacecraft "Selene" Orbits the Moon


The Japanese spacecraft Selene is currently taking pics and videos of the moon's surface. I always get this surreal feeling whenever I see videos of the outer space. I don't know why. Perhaps I was an astronaut in my previous life. LOL! But seriously, I would really, really love to be on a spacecraft to see what's out there. Even if it's not to the moon. A little above where the airplanes fly, where there's no gravity and where I can see the earth as a big ball of life, would be very much okay.

Now what happened to the fear of flying? LOL!

Here's another video:

Tokyo Fashion on "Stella"


I really miss school. Darn! I promise to enroll into something academic next year. I think it would be fun. Being a student (again) without the parental limits. LOL!

And the reason why I miss school more:


The back-to-school issue of Stella magazine focuses on Japanese fashion. I'm sure my friend Vanessa (who's currently featured on the Ran Online site) will love it.

Notes: Parang lumiit si Victor Basa, Erich Gonzales is so photoshopped, and Akihiro Sato shows the reason why he should invade the entertainment industry (in the looks department, that is).



We had a little brownout yesterday. It could've been just okay but my two nephews were here and they were so bored during the brownout I decided to take them to the mall. I also brought Princess with us cuz I suddenly remembered her de-worming was already 9 nine days overdue.

When we got the vet, though, I found out two of her vaccines were also due this month. Buti na lang I gave her a bath yesterday cuz vaccines (especially that it's two) are always followed without bathing for a week.

The hard part, though, of our mall-ing was the eating. My younger nephew is on probiotics cuz his tummy has problems. He actually can't eat just about anything. And since he's with us, we also can't order for ourselves anything that he cannot eat. He even had to remove the chicken skin before eating.

But the chicken skin didn't go to waste.


Anyway, I loved the color of this Philips earphones when I saw it at Asianic, I immediately bought it.

Anyway the video and pictures were taken using the Kodak C813 I bought last week. I'm still experimenting on it and still don't know how to diffuse the flash so it won't reflect as much on shiny objects.

I Wanna Gain Weight


I bought Ling Zhi at Elov Thursday afternoon. I believed I had problems with this meds before but the doctors said otherwise so I'm taking the risk. This is the only vitamin brand that makes me gain weight. I actually went to the mall to look for A4Tech earphones for my old iPod but the shops only had A4Tech headphones. I wouldn't wanna be wearing headphones to sleep. Good thing Asianic has this Philips earphones that comes in different colors. It's actually the color that made me buy. Lilac on white iPod doesn't look that good but oh well, I love lilac.

Jai Ho


The first time the Cebu inmates danced was a blast! I watched it on YouTube so many times. But then when you do something over and over again, people won't get too excited anymore.

Jai Ho, though, is kinda one of my favorite tunes at the moment so I'm posting this vid of the Cebu inmates dancing to the said song =)

I wonder what they are gonna dance into next.

I Want To Play


I love Rohan Online. Even though I can't play as much for the past days, I still dream of becoming a "mamaw" someday.

I even have the June Rohan calendar as my desktop wallpaper.

How I wish I could turn back the time to the days when I could play online games all day.

De La Salle Suspends Classes Due To Swine Flu


Wow. Swine Flu has broken into DLSU! Heard it on the news a while ago. A foreign exchange student, a 21-year-old Japanese to be exact, was found positive of A-H1N1 virus. Enough reason to suspend classes in the university for 10 long days (until the 14th).

But what's funny is that the students of DLSU, having been in contact with the Japanese flu carrier or not, are advised not to go to public places like malls to make sure they don't spread the virus. LOL! I wonder how they react to that.

Anyway, DOH is still investigating whether the said Japanese student got the flu from whichever country she was in before she came here, or if she got infected here since she's already the 22nd victim. They're doing that because the Jap was reported to be here long enough already (about 10 days) before she showed signs of infection.

Let's just pray that no one else gets infected, especially from our family.

Twist and Dump


Water bottles take up much space when dumped. What with all the empty space inside? Unless you crush them (which is hard to do with bare hands) or fill them up with other wastes, they would really bulk up your garbage cans, and worse, the dump sites.

But Coca Cola Japan is making a way to be eco-friendly. Their new bottled water I LOHAS can easily be twisted with your own hands before you throw them in the garbage. Not that it matters much because water bottles are still plastic, but at least they're trying to make the waste smaller.

Watch the ad below.

I'm Afraid To Fly... And I Don't Know Why...


I always have this fear of flying. I get paranoid everytime I would ride a plane, and more paranoid when my mom would ride a plane without me. The thought of crashing would always scare the crap out of me. LOL! I just tell myself, though, that life has its course and whatever happens, it happens for a reason.

But if Air France could have some electrical troubles, how much more trouble could our smaller, local airplanes have?

This makes my fear of flying even worse.

No Net


I need some more sleep. I went home from Laguna yesterday morning pa but I wasn't able to sleep cuz it's my niece's birthday yesterday. She had a double celebration with my sister who had her birthday last 26th. We had a "full house" yesterday and it's quite impossible for me to rest. Speaking of birthdays, I wanna greet my friend Bans Balleras a belated happy birthday. It was her birthday last 25th.

Anyway, I woke up this morning to no internet. I picked up the phone to call PLDT 173 when I realized there was a line noise - screechy, static, annoying noise. I checked the plugs but they're properly connected. Then at the corner of my eyes, I saw some activity outside the window, at the Meralco post on the other side of the street.

Gawd, the pagecom.com.ph people were at it again. I talked to them and they ended up replacing our phone box which was 16 years old already. And they said naman they'd be on our street only until today, or tomorrow at the most. Buti naman.

This was taken before I yelled. No, I didn't show them I was angry cuz they might sabotage my connection more. LOL! I just shouted: "Kuya wala akong connection!" Then they politely answered: "Sandali na lang 'to sir." Pero I overheard him talking on the phone up there. He was talking to his wife. How did I know it was his wife? Cuz he was asking the other end if the kids had already left for school. LOL! Internet connection resumed the minute he went down his ladder.

3 Stars



Ok na sana. Kaso naging suns.

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