With You (5x)


from youtube.com

I like this version better than chris brown's. It made me take my guitar out of the case. LOL! Princess hides under tables/chairs on loud noises so she's always under something, cringing, everytime I play the guitar. Perhaps someday I could get her to bark in tune with the guitar.

Bad (Sector) Dreams


After a long day of formatting hard disks and reinstalling MS Windows, I had a "techy" dream Friday night. According to my dream, one of my hard disks has 6 bad sectors. I woke up feeling a little worried. Having bad sectors means another day of delay. Luckily, I don't have any malfunctioning hard disks. I mean they only have viruses but they're again back to normal after the format. Such tedious job it is.

What are dreams anyway? I remember buying this paperback edition of dream interpretation thingie during high school. I never learned anything, anyway. But my Friday night dream got me a little interested in the subject again. And according to Wikipedia:

Eugen Tarnow suggests that dreams are ever-present excitations of long-term memory, even during waking life. The strangeness of dreams is due to the format of long-term memory, reminiscent of Penfield & Rasmussen’s findings that electrical excitations of the cortex give rise to experiences similar to dreams. During waking life an executive function interprets long term memory consistent with reality checking. Tarnow's theory is a reworking of Freud's theory of dreams in which Freud's unconscious is replaced with the long-term memory system and Freud's “Dream Work” describes the structure of long-term memory.

Well, perhaps.

Yellow Shirt


princess yellow shirt
princess in her new yellow shirt

We went to the vet the day before yesterday to have her eyes and ears checked. She was also given 2 vaccines and a dewormer.

And then I saw this shirt. I admit it costs just a little less than the shirt I was wearing that day.


Yesterday could have been Friday the 13th. Five computers got infected with some flash disk virus which could have happened the night before. I spent the whole day reinstalling ms windows on all five.

Selective Expandable Peekaboo with Fade-out Effect Posts


I spent practically the whole day editing blog layouts. And all I had for my own blog was the expandable peekaboo with fade-out effects thing. Haha peekaboo. I didn't know it was called "that" until this afternoon. I remember asking Bans about how she's able to cut her posts with the clickable "read more" thing. She didn't know. Anyway, she's on livejournal and I just resigned to thinking that blogspot is primitive so I can't cut my posts. But thanks to http://hackosphere.blogspot.com. I learned something new.

Where did I learn about hackosphere, anyway? From Jenna Sy's blog.

My internet morning habits include visiting
1. my mailbox
2. www.jessicarulestheuniverse.com
3. www.sijennasy.blogspot.com (she's cute/funny/interesting)
4. www.thengirl.livejournal.com (hope she updates)
5. inq.net
6. my friendster account (if ever I feel like it)
7. cabal online (just recently)

I also used to read Brian Gorell's blog but not anymore. There are lots of negative vibes in his blog. And negativity is contagious. Yea, he might say he only writes what's going on (in the Philippines), but we don't have to focus/dwell so much on the bad things. Because if we do, we will attract these bad things into our lives. Ok, enough of The Secret. But yea, there's an 8th habit. I watch The Secret on my PC every morning, too. It's not an "internet" thing but I still do it on my PC. So there.



Narnia tickets

And so we went to see Narnia. We were supposed to go to another moviehouse but Jaypee got to my place quite late for us to make it on time for the last show. So we went to Festival Mall instead. Their LFS were at 9:20 pm (for cinema 7) and 10:00 pm (for cinema 8), so much for our convenience.

Georgie Henly has grown to be very pretty. She reminds me of the young Drew Barrymore sans curly hair. She is so cute I can't help but laugh when she pulled out her knife like a sword towards the end of the movie, the part where the enemies are retreating before poseidon (if that's him) showed up.

I love Tilda Swinton. Too bad she only has a short part in this movie as the White Witch. I love contrabidas. The latest contrabida I came to love was Cate Blanchett as Col. Dr. Irina Spalko in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. She's so good I almost applauded. Well, I didn't applaud. I was alone when I watched it, courtesy of movie6.net haha.

Jaypee was so fun to watch a movie with. We were kids all over again, shouting, clapping, laughing, eating... We only had burgers and drinks. We didn't have time to buy more. We arrived at the moviehouse 15 minutes before the movie started. So this:

Narnia food receipt

It was in my jeans' pocket. That explains the crumpled state.

I hate seeing VAT on my receipts.

New Slippers


Jaypee asked me the other night if I wanna see Prince Caspian on Tuesday (tomorrow). I haven't said yes yet. I have time management issues right at this very moment. But I wanna see Prince Caspian. We watched the first Narnia together years ago. And come to think of it, he was my very first movie buddy. First movie was I think Entrapment (Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones) at the ATC, movie tickets courtesy of his mom haha.

Anyway I haven't said yes yet. But I asked Angel to buy me a new pair of slippers haha. Wala na kasi akong slippers and I don't wanna wear shoes to the movies.

charcoal slippers



I've known this kid since he was 3 years old. Neeco is in middle school now and plays online games with me. How time flies...

I like this pic. I just stole this from his Friendster account. I like how he poses, knowing his angles this early.

Anyway, he's the namesake of my Cheekyran swordsman and my Cabal (Jupiter server) force blader.


I've been successfully cleaning Princess' eyes and ears lately. Great improvement today because she let me fill her ears with the eardrops effortlessly, only shaking her head after the process. I was also able to use cotton buds (and not cotton balls) in her ears. She now smells of menthol all day long.

Tomorrow's her bath day. Oh lo!

Having a Dog is Like Having a Baby


I brought Princess to the vet this morning. She has an ear and eye infection. And she was prescribed with these stuff:
(I never had so much bottles for cleaning my face)

And now I have to clean her eyes with the first bottle, afterwhich I have to apply ointment (the 2nd bottle), then put that menthol-y liquid (fourth bottle) in both her ears, massage, then wipe with cotton buds (I don't wanna use cotton buds, I might injure her ear more). All these should be done twice a day.

Is changing diapers easier?

Then the third bottle is an anti-fungal shampoo. LOL. There's also a heartworm med and I forgot what the green thing in plastic was. I voluntarily bought the metal comb.

Anyway, her ears were cleaned by the groomer while the doc was examining her. I thought it was for free. I only checked the OR when we got back home. And the ear cleaning was charged 150 pesos. Ok lang. I was only surprised to know it was charged because they didn't tell me so.

I took a pic of Princess and the vet:

Princess and Dr. Quinto

Cloudy Eyes


Princess has a cloudy right eye. Damn. It's on the upper right corner of her iris and not quite noticeable. I just noticed it because the white part near it was red. Darn it. I hope I can find a vet somewhere here. We'll go vet hunting tomorrow. Gastos.

Joseph and I were texting early today. All about Cabal. And Jong has been commenting on my friendster about the same game, too. Cge. I'll force myself to play and give myself a month. If my opinion about the game doesn't change after that time, I'm quitting. I'll be a force shielder. But Jong is already a force shielder. Pero so what haha. Then we'll be both shielders.

Cheeky, Eh?


i stopped taking appeton. i hate the taste. tastes like sustagen, and i also dislike its taste. and i wonder why i wanna gain weight when everyone else wants to shed pounds? perhaps i'll just leave my weight as it is. hmm.

tapos na pala ang board exams ni bans. at least she can now breathe a little easier. but the process of waiting for the results! i can imagine the anxiety. but i'm sure she'll pass. smart girl she is.

been playing cheeky ran during free times. and i choose when i'm free and when i'm not. depends on the mood, actually. but yeah, cheeky ran is an underground server of the popular online game ran online which i used to play. it took me a year and 2 months in ran online to reach level 175. then i stopped playing, but my character is now level 176. the additional 1 level was sponsored by jong and the sponsorship included everything up to the top-up cards.

but i am now level 298 in cheeky ran. and i've been playing for just like 2 weeks for just a few hours a day. i know of someone who reached level 200+ for just a day.

underground servers are not stable. true. so all the efforts you spend in playing the game will just go to waste if the one hosting the game decided to call it quits. but underground servers offer fast level up. no top-ups. just donations hehe. but donations are so optional. that is why... i already donated 50 pesos haha. just this afternoon. but i'm level 298 already. i enjoy the game. 50 pesos for a fun past-time for the past two weeks is just okay. and besides, i spent 50-100 pesos a day (sometimes more) when i was with ran online.

what if cheeky ran goes bye bye? okay lang. i'll just go look for another private server haha. my bad.

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