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I found myself crying while watching the local news over dinner. The family in Marikina that was swept by the flood with the roof that they stepped on for safety really touched my emotions.

Imagine being helpless with your family members while on a roof that is being dragged by flood waters. The strong current took the roof to pass under a bridge, and reaching the other side, you found out your wife and 2 kids weren't by your side anymore.

It's such a tragedy for those living in Marikina, Cainta, and Pasig. Other places also experienced the wrath of Ondoy but nothing close to what happened to these three municipalities.
rescuing the shih-tzusI'm so lucky I live in a not-so-prone-to-flood area. And I'm so lucky that no one among my loved ones experienced anything bad but a brownout.

I guess the greatest lesson Typhoon Ondoy gives us is to make us realize how temporary everything is, and how we can lost all our earthly possessions in just a blink of an eye. It also shows us that we can lose our loved ones anytime, anyday, without a warning.

Spread the love, be vocal about it. Let the people you love know how much you love them. Before it's too late.

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Love Dolls!


Otaku pillow love dolls on train/
Japanese are known for their love of anime. And now there are Japanese men who take their love dolls on dates. Look at these two Japs on a train. One doll even looks like a school girl. Pedophile much?

Sana there are also hunky dolls that we can carry around, no? I’d have an Akihiro Sato doll made especially for me LOL! But then perhaps it will just stay in my bedroom. I won’t have the nerve to take the doll out on a date. Weird.

Pray For Us


Metro Manila flood – via Read the news here.

Metro Manila is still immersed in flood water. Somewhere nearby our house, the flood was so deep only roofs of the houses can be seen. The born-again church has been turned into an evacuation center. And the saddest part, a two-year-old died.

My family is still lucky the flood isn’t anywhere near the house. But part of the roof leaked, and water dripped on a computer table. It’s a small one and only happened at the height of the storm. But still, it turned my mood around throughout the rest of the day. Sometimes I’d like to think I’m not just OC, but already having bipolar disorder.

(Last night I freaked out just because I couldn’t use the television to watch Survivor. I hated myself after the madness. But during the time, I couldn’t control the anger.)

And I’m not kidding.

Zoundry Raven


I know I've used this program before but I didn't like it due to the wide spaces in between paragraphs. I knew there had to be an option somewhere that would make the spaces narrower but I was so lazy to look for it. And besides, Windows Live Writer is so easy to use.

But then I need a mobile one. Something I can store in a flash disk so I can use it wherever. I can't really install Windows Live Writer in every computer I would use. And even if I could, it's just so time consuming.

my old iPod Shuffle that I now use as flash diskZoundry Raven has this mobility feature for bloggers on the go. Just store it in a removal drive (an old iPod Shuffle in my case) and plug it in any computer that you wanna use for blogging.

Just this morning I came accross an article about Zoundry Raven with instructions on how to eliminate the extra spaces in between paragraphs. I just have to tick on the "Remove New Lines" box pala, which is in the account settings page.

And since the wide spaces thing is solved, I think I'm already gonna use Zoundry Raven for blogging (I hope I don't find any glitches to make me go back to Windows Live Writer).




Love the dancing.

The Greatest Shot Ever Made


I must admit I'm more of a Rafa fan. But look at the shot Federer just made! Goosebumps, really.

He later described it as "the greatest shot I ever hit in my life."

Watch it!

What Do You Call This?


I saw this two mornings ago in our street. I always find it cute whenever I see one at the Global City. I must admit I’ve always wanted to experience a ride in it, but I still haven’t gotten a chance to do so.

what do you call this?

But it’s in our street. Perhaps it’s now scattered all over Taguig?

I wanted to wait and see who’s riding but Princess was impatient to get her morning walk. By the time we got back, it’s already gone.

Cuteness. This should replace the good old traditional tricycle.

Sexy Panties


Doggie Underwear 
I was at the mall this afternoon to pay some bills and since I finished the task in like 10 minutes, I decided to spend some time to go aimlessly around the mall, something which I haven’t done for a long time.

I bought some stuff – a pair of disposable contacts, aircon filters, a usb mouse, another bottle of Ling Zhi from the not-so-friendly customer assistant at the Mandarin Chinese Drug Center (customer service really sucks). My last stop was Animal House cuz it was located next to the mall exit nearest the taxi bay. I bought dog pellets, and a couple of pouches of wet Pedigree. I was almost leaving when I saw the dog panties near the secretary’s table.

It’s cuteness to the max and I just knew I couldn’t resist buying. If I didn’t, I knew my conscience would bug me everytime I’d see my Princess.

Doggie Underwear

Doggie Underwear

I still have to take a pic of Princess wearing this.

Kanye West is a Bitter Boyfriend


Such a douche bag.

I now love Taylor Swift even more.

I Love Taylor Swift


Your name is called as the winner of an award. Your heart is beating fast as you walk up the stage to get your trophy. You prepared for your acceptance speech last night, just in case you won. And this is it. All you care about is not forgetting the words you so carefully chose to put in that speech.

You are currently mixing emotion to your speech and are in the middle of it when suddenly, your microphone is snatched away from you. You look at the snatcher and see it's the famous Kanye West! You're expecting him to say something good about you, praises and all that, but he disses you by saying that Beyonce is the rightful owner of the award.

He gave you back the mic. You don't know what to say. Should you cry? Should you say something witty? Should you go to Beyonce's seat and give her the trophy? Should you sing "You Belong With Me" and prove them that you don't use pitch corrector?

You half hear the crowd cheering. You don't exactly know if they're cheering for you or because they think Beyonce really deserves the award more than you.

You are ushered towards the backstage. Your moment is finished.

I love you Taylor Swift. I love you even more.

I Love Orange


Hermes construction in Greenbelt 3/
Filipinos love shopping. Most of us aren’t even scared of the recession because poverty is nothing new to us. We know we can get by.

Perhaps that is why elite brands decide to bring their merchandise here. Because Filipinos just can’t resist shopping.

Hermes in Manila, in The Philippine Star.

Girls, get your card(s) ready.

Journalism Content Isn't Free


Since the dawn of internet, those who have access to it need not buy newspaper anymore. News is free - online. Blogs even make the news bigger.

But some newspaper publishers aren't happy with it. Next thing we know, we might already be required to pay for news articles we read on Google.

New call for Google to pay for content as it hints at payment aid for publishers in the Guardian, 11 September 2009.

Maria Clara



Sara Vrugt's Red Collection/

Exaggerated imitation of the Maria Clara sleeves.

Elton John to Adopt a Baby


Elton John and his Canadian partner, David Furnish, want to adopt a 14-month-old baby from Ukraine.

Elton John, 62, says his partner (who is 46) always wanted to adopt a child but because of all the traveling he does, he thought it would be unfair to the child. But seeing baby Lev in Ukraine made him change his mind. The baby stole his heart, as well as his partner's.

Elton John's Aids Foundation aims to raise people's awareness of HIV and AIDS. And Ukraine has recorded the fastest rising cases of HIV and AIDS throughout Europe.

Natural Hair


Tyra Banks' natural hair.

Isnt' this her natural one?
Tyra Banks/

iPod Nano Shoots Video


nano shoots video. Introducing the new iPod nano. Now with video recording, a larger screen, and FM radio.

So iPod now shoots videos!

Video recording with effects
The new video camera in iPod nano lets you shoot video—even with video effects—wherever you are. Yet the new iPod nano is still the same ultraportable size. Learn more

Genius Mixes
Genius acts as your personal DJ, searching your iTunes library to find songs that go great together, then organizing them into mixes you'll love. All automatically. Learn more

FM radio with Live Pause
The new built-in FM tuner has two amazing features—Live Pause and iTunes Tagging*—that make listening to the radio nothing like listening to the radio. Learn more

Pedometer and Nike + iPod
Count every step you take with the new built-in Pedometer feature. Or add a Nike + iPod Sport Kit so your iPod can track your fitness progress. Learn more

The Youngest Security Guard


After visiting the ortho yesterday, I went to Jollibee in Lower Bicutan to have a quick bite before heading to the mall. I decided to just eat there cuz I was kinda sure the mall fast foods were busy, being a public holiday and all.

Surprisingly, there was no guard at Jollibee’s entrance. No one there except for this kid:
Jollibee Lower Bicutan

And he opens the door for Jollibee’s client, too. Very much like how a real security guard would do. Except that the kid would spread his hand in front of you asking for a few coins.

Jollibee Lower Bicutan Jollibee Lower Bicutan Jollibee Lower Bicutan
The kid naman was harmless, I even gave him some coins.

But still…



I was randomly browsing the net (so early) this morning and landed on Look what I found!

Tommy Robredo via omgblog
Tommy Robredo

Pat Cash via omgblog
Pat Cash

Rafael Nadal via omgblog
Rafael Nadal

I’ve never been interested in tennis but these pictures make me an instant tennis fan.

Tara! Let’s watch the US Open!

The Hottest


Cosmopolitan magazine has released its 69 hottest bachelors for this year. Gerald Anderson took the cover, but really, he just have more star value than the others, but if being “hot” is the real basis, I think Joem Bascon should take the lead.

Joem Bascon
Oh my golly! Look at those thighs! He’s a man and a boy at the same time. Hard yet cuddly. And those eyes are the naughtiest I’ve seen recently.

Just wondering why he’s rarely seen on tv these days(or am I wrong?).

Seduce Me


Seduction in Black / Antonio Banderas 
Antonio Banderas’ Seduction in Black.
Top Notes: Citrus, Exotic Freshness, Italian Bergamot & Cassis
Heart: Spices, Cardamom, Coriander & Nutmeg
Base: Wood, Oriental, Amber, Musk, Cedar, Tonka Bean, Ambery Notes & Musky Notes

The perfume will be available this September. I’m just not sure if it will be distributed in the Philippines at the same time. But of course, there’s always internet shopping.



I’m not posting this because I wanna advertise about the Armani Exchange sale. I’m posting this picture because I love Kerry Degman. But yeah, Armani has an ongoing ONLINE sale until September 7th.

Net Problem (Again)


I’ve had a very slow internet over the weekend that I decided to call PLDT technical hotline (again) last Saturday. But of course I still have to wait for them to remote test my connection which takes 24-48 hours (in my cases it’s always a little more than 24 hours before they remote test). If they couldn’t fix the problem remotely, that’s when they’d hand over the ticket to the technical team to have the site visited.

Funny thing was, when I turned on the modem yesterday morning, it’s miraculously performing at its normal speed. But then again, I didn’t wanna call off the tech visit because I wanted to make sure everything’s fine.

So the tech came yesterday, and his solution: replace all the phone wires starting from the box outside the house up to the shortest wire connected to the dsl splitter. The tech was fast to finish the job. 30 minutes at the most. He even removed the old wires and gave them to me saying, “pwedeng sampayan.” He’s so kind that even if it was so hot during that time of day, he didn’t utter a word of complaint. He’s the same tech who visited last Wednesday and I think I’d be requesting for him whenever I’d have net troubles. Not that I’m wishing for another net problem anytime soon.

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