True Blood season 6 premieres June 16


The 6th season of True Blood premieres June 16.

And yes, waiting sucks indeed.

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Durex Fundawear (Video)


Found this video about Durex’s new “innovation” called Fundawear. It lets you touch someone else’s you-know-what over the internet.


Will you buy one?

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Hilarious Gwiyomi video


Macky Lopez uploaded on Facebook a video of himself doing the Gwiyomi with a wig and fake boobs on. His reaction towards being caught by his father was so precious.

The kid is so hilarious I ended up joining his 7,244 followers.

The video was posted just 3 hours ago but already has 12,721 likes, 16,762 shares and 1,967 comments.

Here’s the vid:

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Gwiyomi/Kiyomi (Video)


I am not really a fan of the Gwiyomi/Kiyomi craze. But how I wish I could get my oldest nephew to do it. I’m sure he’d be on this list:

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James Yap’s heartbreaking birthday message to Bimby on Instagram


Because he couldn’t get near his son even on the child’s birthday, James posted a previous photo of him and Bimby on Instagram, greeting his son a happy birthday on Friday, April 19.

James Yap and son Bimby

The heartbreaking caption says: “i miss holding your hand, i miss giving u a hug. Kahit anong mangyari, lagi mo tatandaan na mahal na mahal ka ni papa! Happy birthday babyJames!! #flashbackfriday”

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Amalayer is now a sister!


Saw this in the news last night. Amalayer girl Paula Salvosa talks about her LRT experience that made her famous (albeit negatively), and how it affected her life.

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Phil. Daily Inquirer uses fake TIME magazine cover


This is cringe-worthy.

Philippine Daily Inquirer uses fake TIME cover

That TIME magazine cover showing President Noynoy Aquino was fake. He was indeed in the list of the magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World but he wasn’t one of the chosen seven to get a cover.

The fake cover first appeared on Facebook, which the PDI (dubbed as the Yellow paper) picked up.

The 7 in the list that got their own special edition 2013 TIME 100 covers were artist and entrepreneur Jay Z; U.S. Senator Rand Paul; actress Jennifer Lawrence; film star and activist Aamir Khan; activist Malala Yousafzai; SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk; and tennis champion Li Na.

Check out the 7 covers here:

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Missing mountaineer in Mt. Maculot found dead


Victor Joel Ayson, the mountaineer who went up Mt. Maculot on Easter Sunday and went missing, has been found thirteen days after, on the day of his birthday on April 13, 2013.

Reports say he left his rucksack at the mountaineers’ stop-over owned by Mang Manuel on March 31 at around 2:30 AM. Then he was seen buying a bottle of mineral water in a store up the mountain around 9:00 AM the same day.

Biki, as he was fondly called by family and friends, had just been to a Mt. Guiting-Guiting climb with some of his friends over the Holy Week. They were heading back home on the eve of Easter Sunday, but he had other plans. From the Batangas port, he went to Cuenca, Batangas to do a solo hike of Mt. Maculot.

After going up, however, he never went down to claim his bag at the mountaineer’s stop over.

His girlfriend, family and friends got alarmed as Biki said he’d be back home by noontime Sunday. It could have been possible since a hike up to the Rockies of the said mountain only takes about an hour, and going down to the jump off usually takes less time.

Mang Manuel started receiving calls asking for Biki Monday night. And when the mountaineer still didn’t show up on Tuesday, search and rescue operations were started. Several mountaineering groups volunteered to help. A foreign climber even brought his group along with their gears to search the walls of the Rockies.

After days of unsuccessful operations, however, not even a single lead was found. The family of the lost eventually had to call off the search, but his friends resumed looking for him, hoping to find him alive since his birthday was coming near.

And true enough, on the date of his birth, Victor Joel Ayson showed up in an area at the foot of the Rockies, lifeless.

He was found by Mt. Maculot guides Ramon Puso, Christopher Puso, Eduardo Puso Jr, Richard Puso and Javier Mercado on Saturday morning. The group set off around 6 AM to that area at the foot of the Rockies because someone told them that part has not been searched yet. Upon reaching the area, they noticed a not so pleasant smell. That smell led them to the remains of Victor. They were able to report it around 11 AM that day.

Meanwhile, a hiker who was doing a cleanup climb with his group on Easter Sunday, posted a photo of a lone mountaineer who caught his attention. The person in the photo, believed to be Biki, was sitting at a very dangerous part of the Rockies, a part not frequented by mountaineers without ropes. In this case, the man in the photo doesn’t look like he’s protected.


Facebook uploader Ahrold Fampulme captioned the above photo with: “This photo was taken in mt. Maculot, in rockies to be exact. Kung makikita nyo e may isang lalaki na nasa larawaan kung saan talagang delikado ang pwesto nya. Sya e may kamera na dala duon kasi halos nung nakaakyat na kami a rockies e kita mo yung lalaki. I posted this pic kasi nga dun sa nawawalang lalaki sa mt.maculot na napapabalita.”

He then posted another photo with a better lighting, although the person in it was still not identifiable.


It was captioned with: “Eto mas malinaw na kuha, di ko sure kung sino tong lalaki na to, pero sana makatulong kahit papano sa mga naghahanap dun sa nawawalang lalaki. :) march 31,2013 sunday.”

Now here’s a photo of that portion of the Rockies I found in my memory card, taken last January. I put an arrow to where the man in Ahrold’s photos was sitting.

Mt. Maculot's Rockies

Meanwhile, Ahrold’s mention of the man in the photo having a camera leads one to believe it was Biki because he loved taking pictures as evident in his Facebook page. Even the silhouette of the head could very well be his, judging by his hairstyle in his recent pics.

And if the man in the photo was indeed Biki, those two taken by Ahrold could be his last pictures before he fell off.

Death is always a sad news, and one as tragic as this gives scare to those who share the same passion as the one that took the person’s life. But then I’m sure Biki is happy, as he spent his last hours doing what he loved best.

My heart goes out to his family and loved ones. And to Biki, happy birthday. May you rest in peace.

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Mt. Batulao in ABS-CBN Station ID


The new ABS-CBN 2013 Summer Station ID titled Kwento ng Summer Natin has just been released. The video celebrates Philippine television’s 60th year so the Kapamilya celebrities re-enacted the hit shows from before. I don’t know the rest of them but I recognized Palibhasa Lalake, Tonight with Dick and Carmi, Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata, etc.

Mt. Batulao

Then Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla channeled Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales in Pangako sa ‘Yo and look what’s in the background! It’s Mount Batulao! Although, of course it was just obviously only CGI, but still, it made the mountaineer in me excited.

And perhaps it’s just because I haven’t climbed for 3 months now.

Speaking of mountains, I don’t know if Nanay would allow me to go on solo hiking again after news about Victor Ayson broke out. He has been missing for 7 days now after going on a solo hike last Easter Sunday, March 31. Search and rescue teams have already “combed” Mt. Maculot but they found neither a clue nor a lead as to where he could be.

Anyway, here’s the full video of Kwento ng Summer Natin, the ABS-CBN 2013 Summer Station ID:

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How to take care of animals?


Bugoy Cariño will teach us how to take care of animals in ABS-CBN’s Wansapanataym this Saturday night.

Bugoy Cariño

The episode is called ‘Finding Nilo’ (sounds familiar?). He plays the role of Nilo, a child cursed to become a fish after stepping on a certain kind of sea creature believed to be the guardian of the sea (who cannot take care of himself?).

Anyway, I’m very pet friendly that I can’t help but post this.

Wansapanataym airs Saturdays, after Kapamilya Deal Or No Deal, on ABS-CBN.

Mountaineer goes missing in Mt. Maculot


Another mountaineer has gone missing.

Victor Joel Ayson

Victor Joel Ayson went on a solo dayhike up Mount Maculot on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013. It was 2:30 AM when he left his bag at Mang Manuel’s store.

He successfully reached the Rockies campsite because he was seen buying a bottle of mineral water at the campsite store (which mountaineers fondly call 7-11) around 9:00 AM.

After not being in contact until Monday, his friends and family started getting alarmed. Search and rescue operations have been organized since Monday night but all were unsuccessful in finding him.

According to Mang Manuel, an experienced Mt. Maculot guide and owner of the Mountaineer’s Stop Over & Store in Barangay Tico, there have really been instances when even the locals would get lost in Mt. Maculot due to engkanto or the entities that we do not see with our naked eyes.

I have personally traversed the said mountain twice and has done four solo climbs of the Rockies campsite, and I must say I believe in what Mang Manuel suspects of what happened to Victor.

But the news didn’t say if the missing mountaineer only climbed up to the Rockies or did the traverse. Did anyone know of his exact plans that day? The Rockies is just a one-hour hike and if he climbed at 2:30 AM alone and was still at the campsite at 9:00 AM, he might have found a company (made a new friend or bumped on a mountaineer that he knew) for him to have lasted such long hours up there. That, or he’s a better loner than I am.

Next point, did he buy a big bottle of mineral water? If he did, it could be that he was preparing for a traverse. I’m sure, however, that someone has noticed where he went after the campsite. Aside from the fact that it was a Sunday, and an Easter Sunday at that, the campsite store only operates whenever the place is crowded. And with a crowd at the campsite, someone could have noticed where he headed.

The “barangay” should check with the mountaineers that are on the log book from Black Saturday to Easter Sunday. And just to be sure, ask those that have climbed on Monday, too.

The Rockies can be very dangerous especially with strong winds. And I only stayed at the campsite during those times I was alone. Why? Because I could have easily slipped and fell and disappeared without anyone knowing. Falling to the waters of Taal Lake would be a “better” accident if you knew how to swim, but falling towards the forested area several meters down below would be very tragic because (correct me if I’m wrong) that is an unexplored area (read: no one goes there).

But what if he did the traverse. Alone. That instantly gave me the goosebumps. Why? Because going back to what Mang Manuel said, those entities are indeed true. Read about my scary traverse of Mt. Maculot here:

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photo: Victor Joel Ayson’s Facebook

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