I was shopping for gifts a day before Christmas when I noticed the skin of the woman in front of me at the very long line to the cashier.

She had these spots all over, but it was the worst in her ears and hairline. Looking at her really made me feel itchy I wanted to run out of the Bench store and take a bath.

And yes I shopped at Bench because some of my inaanaks are already pre-teens.

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Spent almost the whole day tinkering with the keyboard case I bought via It was okay when I was testing it in front of the seller, but when he left, the keyboard started disconnecting over and over.

keyboard for 7-inch android tab
Android tab keyboard

Then Google told me to clean the ports with a toothpick. But we have stopped using toothpicks a long time ago when my dentist told me they're not good for the gums. Good thing we had bbq sticks left from Christmas

Cleaning the ports and the-one-you-plug-in-usb-ports (dunno what it's called) didn't work at first. But after serveral plugging and unplugging and after almost giving up, lo and behold! The keyboard is now working like it did't have any problem at all.

Pero hello ang hirap talagang mag-type sa sobrang liit na keyboard.

I'm actually wondering why I'm so exerting efforts to look for these stuff. As if I'm so mobile e hindi naman. Whenever I climb, all I do in the bus is post pictures on Instagram because my head aches when I read on moving vehicles. Hindi naman pwedeng mag-blog while climbing, and internet signal on camp sites sucks. Tapos halos hindi naman ako nago-overnight in a place kung meron din lang namang masasakyan pauwi.

Siguro the universe is preparing me for a super mobile life, no? Haha! Yay to that!

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Merry Christmas 2012!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2012

I still feel sleepy with nine days of waking up early for Simbang Gabi and I promise myself to sleep a lot more now that it’s done, but of course I can’t do that yet because it’s Noche Buena and all my dogs are currently shaking for fear of the neighbors’ firecrackers and we are expecting at least 30 visitors tomorrow.

Oh well, at least I’m done with my gift wrapping tasks (thanks, SM) and I have at least two extra gifts just in case someone I forgot to put in my list pops up.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s having a blessed Christmas, and if you didn’t attend the mass tonight just like me,  please don’t forget to attend one tomorrow. (And I’m turning religious.)

Merry Christmas!


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RH Bill attends Simbang Gabi


Simbang Gabi started today (last night for others) and I forced myself to sleep at 1:00am (I usually sleep at 3) so I could catch some before attending the 5:30am mass. I really wanted to attend the 4:00am service but that would mean I wouldn’t sleep at all.

Anyway, I found the second service less chaotic because there were fewer people. I remember completing the 4:00am masses two years ago and the experience was almost like Pulp Summer Slam.

The service this morning went smoothly aside from a noisy mother at my left who was having her own homily to her young son, but I took care of the situation by staring at her. She went quiet after my second stare.

Towards the end of the Holy Communion, the advertisements were read. I actually prayed (having just received the Blessed Sacrament) while half-hearing notices about the second collection and the Belen that needs to be completed before the 24th and so on.

When the priest stood up, I thought he was gonna give his final blessings already so I also stood up, only to hear him say, “Please remain seated.” LoL! So I sat again.

He also had some advertisements pala, like the book the parish was selling as well as a compact disc collection of songs sung by the parish priests and more. What surprised me, though, was when he said he was going to read a letter from the CBCP regarding the RH Bill.


I wanted to stand and be rude. To leave the church as a sign of protest that I really don’t approve of the church getting into political issues; that I don’t approve of how they seem to influence the views of the people regarding RH Bill and the likes.

But, I never left a mass before the final blessing. It’s something that Nanay (who’s now a born-again Christian) has taught me way back.

So I just sat there, thinking of unholy thoughts while being forced to listen to something I’d rather not; while the priest talked about premarital sex and how contraceptives would readily be available and free for even minors at the local health clinics.

Anyone can actually go on and on talking about the connection of free condoms to premarital sex but still, what’s more important are the core values these kids learn in their homes. It’s really how parents raise their kids that would matter and not if contraceptives are free or not.

Because come on, magkano lang ba ang condom?

Anyway, I hope RH Bill wouldn’t be a permanent topic in the remaining 8 masses of Simbang Gabi. If it would be, I pray that I will be able to stop myself from walking out while the priest is still talking.

Tomorrow is the third reading of the RH Bill. And tomorrow morning at mass, I will pray that there will be less street children, less kids with grumbling stomachs, less kids who can’t go to school; I will pray for the success of RH Bill’s approval.

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A new mountaineer's stop-over in Mt. Maculot


There’s new tambayan/tindahan at the foot of Mt. Maculot and it’s a good thing for those who hike during the weekends when all these so-called mountaineers’ stop-over get crowded a lot.

Tatay Ed of Mt. Maculot

This one is very near the trail head, way past UWAC but before the fallen milestone with written acknowledgements.

The good-mannered, elderly man who owns it told me to just call him Tatay Ed.

Tatay Ed of Mt. Maculot

He actually sells bottled water, soda, and even cooked food during the weekends. Unluckily for me, I climbed on a Thursday so I didn’t get to taste his cooking.

Tatay Ed said he’s constructing a toilet for the mountaineers. And we can use it for free. I just hope his free toilet wouldn’t smell.

For those who bring vehicles, he also charges nothing for parking within the area of his store.

“Bumili lang sa akin ay tama na,” he told me when I said sayang ang parking fees.

Anyway, I already saw his store when I climbed the Rockies last June, although I didn’t think it was a store because it didn’t look like one back then. It also used to be on the left side of the road. It’s now on the right.

Anyway, I’m sure Tatay Ed will sooner or later become a byword to those who frequent Mt. Maculot. Especially that he can also provide guides for those new to the mountain. It’s just sad that he didn’t have a cellphone yet. He could have been a very good contact person for mountaineers.

I’ll update this post as soon as I can get his number.

His guide rates are as follows:

P100 – up to the part na may ligaw (or where the trail splits into two)
P300 – up to the Rockies campsite
P1,000 – traverse (from Brgy. Pinagkaisahan to Brgy. Tiko)

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I want everything portable.

camping chair

It’s a kiddie camping chair but some kids are heavier than me so I guess it’s okay.

Princess on camping chair

Costs P399 at Ace Hardware. Price doesn’t include Princess, though.

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