A new mountaineer's stop-over in Mt. Maculot

There’s new tambayan/tindahan at the foot of Mt. Maculot and it’s a good thing for those who hike during the weekends when all these so-called mountaineers’ stop-over get crowded a lot.

Tatay Ed of Mt. Maculot

This one is very near the trail head, way past UWAC but before the fallen milestone with written acknowledgements.

The good-mannered, elderly man who owns it told me to just call him Tatay Ed.

Tatay Ed of Mt. Maculot

He actually sells bottled water, soda, and even cooked food during the weekends. Unluckily for me, I climbed on a Thursday so I didn’t get to taste his cooking.

Tatay Ed said he’s constructing a toilet for the mountaineers. And we can use it for free. I just hope his free toilet wouldn’t smell.

For those who bring vehicles, he also charges nothing for parking within the area of his store.

“Bumili lang sa akin ay tama na,” he told me when I said sayang ang parking fees.

Anyway, I already saw his store when I climbed the Rockies last June, although I didn’t think it was a store because it didn’t look like one back then. It also used to be on the left side of the road. It’s now on the right.

Anyway, I’m sure Tatay Ed will sooner or later become a byword to those who frequent Mt. Maculot. Especially that he can also provide guides for those new to the mountain. It’s just sad that he didn’t have a cellphone yet. He could have been a very good contact person for mountaineers.

I’ll update this post as soon as I can get his number.

His guide rates are as follows:

P100 – up to the part na may ligaw (or where the trail splits into two)
P300 – up to the Rockies campsite
P1,000 – traverse (from Brgy. Pinagkaisahan to Brgy. Tiko)

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