Spent almost the whole day tinkering with the keyboard case I bought via It was okay when I was testing it in front of the seller, but when he left, the keyboard started disconnecting over and over.

keyboard for 7-inch android tab
Android tab keyboard

Then Google told me to clean the ports with a toothpick. But we have stopped using toothpicks a long time ago when my dentist told me they're not good for the gums. Good thing we had bbq sticks left from Christmas

Cleaning the ports and the-one-you-plug-in-usb-ports (dunno what it's called) didn't work at first. But after serveral plugging and unplugging and after almost giving up, lo and behold! The keyboard is now working like it did't have any problem at all.

Pero hello ang hirap talagang mag-type sa sobrang liit na keyboard.

I'm actually wondering why I'm so exerting efforts to look for these stuff. As if I'm so mobile e hindi naman. Whenever I climb, all I do in the bus is post pictures on Instagram because my head aches when I read on moving vehicles. Hindi naman pwedeng mag-blog while climbing, and internet signal on camp sites sucks. Tapos halos hindi naman ako nago-overnight in a place kung meron din lang namang masasakyan pauwi.

Siguro the universe is preparing me for a super mobile life, no? Haha! Yay to that!

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