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Filipino-Mexican-American Jessica Sanchez has been making us Pinoys so proud recently. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the standing ovation she got after singing Billy Joel’s Everybody Has A Dream during the top 10 performance night of American Idol is her third standing o in the season.

She got one when she sang Jennifer Hudson’s Love You I Do, another one when she did Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You, and then tonight.

Only song of her that the judges didn’t like was Turn the Beat Around (Gloria Estefan) saying her voice wasn’t fit for the song.

Anyway, Jessica is really in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model the next American Idol. I hope Pinoys in the US would support her by voting for her every week.

Jessica Sanchez’s performances below.

Jennifer Hudson’s Love You I Do:

Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You (with over 6 million hits):

Gloria Estefan's Turn The Beat Around:

Billy Joel's Everybody Has A Dream:

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