Going back to Mt. Maculot’s Rockies

I went back to Mt. Maculot two Saturdays ago (June 9) with a friend who has never climbed a mountain before.


It wasn’t planned, actually. I was looking at my mountain climbing photos Friday night and decided I will climb the day after. I logged onto Facebook, checked who’s online and messaged random friends. Diego responded positively and we left a few hours later.

We were at the registration in Cuenca by 6:30 AM. I actually intended to get there earlier but I still had to do so much that we were able to leave Taguig at 3 AM.

Why I wanted to climb early? Because it was the Freedom Climb weekend.

We were the first to register that day, but I was particularly slow due to not having even a minute of sleep (oh, reasons!) and I was with a virgin (it was Diego’s first mountain) so a group of three girls from Team Injury plus a solo hiker from Muntinlupa went past us. LoL! That made me miss my climbing buddy K. He wouldn’t let anyone do that to us, so he’d push me in the mildest possible way (so I wouldn’t get mad and leave him to summit alone) to keep on walking.


We reached the Rockies campsite just a few minutes (in fairness) behind the girls and the solo hiker. The four were resting in the cottage together with a couple who spent the night. Diego and I didn’t wanna waste time (hah!) so we headed straight to the Rockies.

It was a clear day, no fog at all and the sky was crisp blue and the clouds few and picturesque. I wanted to take opportunity of the weather because the Taal Lake was covered with fog when I first went there, and it was stormy during my second visit.


The four followed after a while and I was thankful to them that on my third time at the Rockies, I was able to go as far down as the “dila” (or whatever it is called). It wasn’t windy at all. I wouldn’t dare tread the edges of the Rockies if it was.


Diego was ecstatic. I knew the Rockies was perfect to introduce newbies to mountain climbing. The thrill (of climbing the almost vertical wall of the Rockies and being on edges of big rocks) and the fantastic view of the lake and Taal Volcano will encourage them to climb more.


Anyway, after taking gazillion pictures, we were back at the campsite at exactly 9 AM. And since we literally had no food and Diego’s water bottle was already empty, we hurried back down.

It was sad, however, that I have a very sensitive stomach, so I chose to just eat at downtown Lipa. Safest for me, aside from Nanay’s cooking, are fastfoods. I hate to say this but even the hotdog sandwich in MLQU (during one of my trips up there for hiking activities) made my stomach upset.

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