The Case Logic TBC-306

I didn’t wanna bring my DSLR bag, the one that came in the package, because it’s a little bulky and it won’t fit my backpack. I knew slinging the camera bag on my shoulders while commuting would be an invitation for snatchers to “come and get it.”

So I’ve been leaving the camera bag at home and putting my camera inside my backpack, cushioning it with clothes…


I knew it’s not okay to let the camera juggle with my stuff inside the backpack. So when I chanced upon this small Case Logic DSLR bag (model code TBC-306), I bought it in an instant. And that impulse buy left me with just 10 pesos in my pocket when I arrived home.

No regrets, though.


Aside from main compartment, it has a front and two side pockets where you can put your extra memory card, lens cap, or in my case, coins and a packet of tissue. You can also stuff the side pockets with extra cushion if you’re paranoid like that.


It comes with a sling, but I think I’m not gonna use it since I bought a camera bag that small so I can put it inside my backpack. :D

Nanay always tells me to tone it down when commuting.

2012-06-18 15.02.00

My Nikon fits snuggly inside the Case Logic.

And just look at its size difference from the free camera bag:


The bigger one, however, is padded enough and fits the camera and the lens separately, plus another small lens at the same time. The Case Logic can only accommodate my Nikon with its stock lens attached. You can’t blame it, though, because it’s so small… And (again) I wanted a small one so it would fit in my backpack.

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