Bestfriend na rin kita

Last Sunday, after the feeling of being at the brink of flu for quite a few days, I finally bought something that I “overheard” on Twitter.


It was actually a celebrity I follow on the microblogging site who posted the message that Berocca is her bestfriend during the rainy season.

I Googled about it and found out that it’s a multivitamin brand, and told myself that if it’s not from a Chinese drugstore, I’d be willing to try. I’m not being racist, though. I just had a very bad experience with the Chinese vitamin brand Ling Zhi.

Anyway, before going to church last Sunday, I dropped by Watsons to buy myself the smallest package of Berocca available. And it’s by 10’s. Costs a lot more than my usual Enervon but I was desperate on stopping the flu that I knew would hit me anytime soon.

It was just funny that I thought it’s the usual vitamin tablet that you put in your mouth and swallow down with water. I bought a bottle of mineral water and while still inside SM, I opened the package of Berocca. After fumbling with the seal and the paper wrapper, I took out one tablet and was about to put it in my mouth when I realized it’s so big to swallow like that. Lesson: read the packaging. And after learning that you have to mix the tablet with a glass of water, I forced it to fit the mouth of the water bottle I bought. LoL!

Drank some on my way to church and finished all of it before I got back home.

The next morning (Monday), I woke up still feeling a little heavy but not as much like the previous days. Since I took that first Berroca tablet, I have stopped taking Bioflu since I had been taking it for three days already to no effect.

I took Berocca again Monday morning and by Monday night, I was feeling so normal I wanted to kiss the package of Berocca for taking away that sick feeling.


This is neither a paid post nor a press release.

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