Dogs Don't Have a Choice

Not only the kids suffer when parents divorce, but the pets as well.

Charlie Sheen was allegedly mistreating the two pugs he and ex-wife Denise Richards owned. When Denise learned about it, she immediately took action to rescue the dogs and took them under her care. Unfortunately, one of the dogs died of malnutrition shortly after being removed from Charlie Sheen's home. (Read about the story here.)

These are pugs were talking about here, and these creatures are so small that they eat so little. If a pug died of malnutrition, clearly he wasn't fed well.

I always tell my friends to take good care of their pets because these pets don't have a choice on who their masters would be. Instead, we humans are the ones who choose them to be our pets. And with getting a pet comes great responsibilities. If you think you can't take the full responsibilities of having a pet, they just don't get one.

And I really hope it's not this cute dog that died.


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