Justin Bieber Performed Sick at His MOA Concert Last Night

Justin Bieber had a successful concert last night at the MOA grounds and while it was sold-out and the audience for sure had a lot of fun, a lot of rants had been heard especially from the ticket holders of the VIP area. The VIP had seats and while it is a pop concert, most of the VIPs preferred to sit down – that, or also because the security told them to sit down.

The Magalonas, on the other hand, who are Bieber fans and entertainers themselves, refused to sit down even if the VIPs sitting behind them were already complaining. They grooved with the music of JB who got kinda pissed cuz the crowd wasn't getting wild.

Saab Magalona even tweeted, "Nakakahiya kay Justin Bieber sobra. Imagine he was performing grabe and yung nasa harap niya nakaupo hindi manlang naggroove at all!"

Below is the video of Justin's encore and watch how he stopped in the middle of the song to tell the crowd that either they went wild or he would leave.

And would you believe he was sick during the concert? According to TMZ, the singer repeatedly took breaks during his concert in the Philippines to run backstage and vomit.

Sources close to Bieber tell TMZ, JB came down with some kind of chest infection last week -- and when he hit the stage last night in Manila ... the wooziness was way too much to handle.

Poor Justin. Let's just hope that the next time he performs here there'd be no seats so everyone would be grooving like that.

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