Send Globe Messages For FREE!

Now you can text your friends using your Globe mobile phone FOR FREE with the all new Text Mo Libre Ko. Just type your message then send it to 2354 + cellphone number of your friend. Example: 235409179876543.


Your friend will be charged PHP 1.00 to receive and read your Text Mo, Libre Ko message on his/her Globe mobile phone; and another PHP 1.00 to reply to your message.

If your friend does not accept your message, you will receive a notification stating that the transaction did not push through.

You can send as many message as you want if you're already added in your friend's buddy list. But if not, you can only send as many as 3 messages.

To add friends, send ADD <MOBILE NUMBER> to 2354. (Ex. ADD 09179876543). This will cost you PHP 1.00 per transaction.

To block a number, text BLOCK <MOBILE NUMBER> to 2354. (PHP 1.00 per transaction). Note that when you block a mobile number, you will no longer receive his/her messages. To unblock, simply add the number again.

Text Mo Libre Ko is available to Globe/TM subscribers only.

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