What do Maculot, Romelo and Manabu have in common - Part 2

My Mt. Maculot traverse experience with K reminded me of my very first mountain climbing experience in Mt. Romelo. It was August 2010 and I was supposed to go to Taytay Falls but the friend I was supposed to go with stood me up so I decided to just go somewhere with fewer people - the mountains.

the blogger at Lansones Falls

I hired a guide who perhaps had a third eye as well, the reason why he saw what he did.

We were walking towards Lansones Falls, he was like ten feet ahead, when I noticed that he kept on looking back towards me. I thought he was just checking on me as the thought of "stuff" like that in the mountains hasn't really occurred to me at that time.

Had he told me he saw something right then, I wouldn't have allowed myself to take a dip in Lansones Falls' catch basin and enjoy its very cold water. But since I was unsuspecting, I even asked the guide to take pictures of me as I posed with the waterfalls as my backdrop.

the blogger at the grotto in Lansones Falls

There was one part of the area, however, that was full of orbs when taken pictures of. It was called “grotto” because it was like a carved area in a wall of rocks.

Anyway, as we were eating pancit canton and rice at the small store back on top of Buruwisan Falls, he told me the story. He said he saw a man in green shirt following me, hinting that it wasn’t really a man per se because when it ran to the far side of the river to hide from the guide’s eyes, it vanished.

Now, I haven’t been back to Mt. Romelo after that. I would love to go there again, though, because I failed to go to Batya-Batya Falls during my first visit. The next time, however, I don’t wanna be with just a guide.

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