Let's Ride

I decided to buy myself a bike last April so I can use it to commute to and from my office. I didn't know the little folding bike will give me a new hobby that will not only suffice my crave for adrenaline, but will also be beneficial to my health.

I originally wanted to buy a Dahon SUV because it is the cheapest from the brand, but the last piece R.O.X. in Bonifacio High Street had when we got there that day was already being tuned for another customer.

My niece, who was with me, also wanted to buy an SUV, but since we had no choice, we opted to buy the more expensive Dahon Vybe - white for me, gray for her.

Anyway, we didn't know how to bike and we would use them folding bikes to learn, and that's why we would have bought SUVs had there been stocks.

So we used the Vybe instead.

Honestly, it took me a week to be able to bike outside because I found it awkward to let my neighbors know I didn't know how to bike. So I practiced inside the house with Nanay as my coach. LOL!

Now, however, I can ride 22 kilomerers, in the main road along with trucks and buses, nonstop.

Been shedding pounds, too! And that's the part I like most.

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