Connect Me, Please

It’s such a headache when PLDT’s MyDSL service is down.


First, I can’t blog. Blogging has been one of my favorite past times as of late (read: the past three years). It’s through this that I can express myself in such ways that I can’t in other medium.


Second, I can’t access my feeds and alerts. I can’t stay up-to-date on current events and on topics that interest me most.


Third, I can’t connect with my Facebook friends; can’t even tell them that I don’t have internet connection because I don’t have internet connection (redundundant?).


Fourth, and most importantly, I have lesser income. My gaming shop can’t have that much clients if I have no internet connection.


Wish I could afford to have a spare connection.


Word of the day: connection


As I write this, I am already 27 minutes on the phone, waiting for a 172 operator to take my call. I’m typing this in an offline blog editor and will publish as soon as the internet connection gets back.


Your call is important to us. Our representatives are assisting other calls at the moment. Please stay on the line until a representative becomes available to take your call.”



Operator Allan answered my call after a little more waiting. He says PLDT is having a nationwide network problem.


So I’m not alone. Hurray! I hate it more when I’m the only one who doesn’t have internet connection.

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