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Last Wednesday, July 28th, I brought Princess to Animal House in Alabang for her third CBC. Her initial test last month showed her platelets to be just 30 of the normal 200 to 500. After 3 weeks of medication, we had her tested again to find out that her platelets got slightly higher but still way lower than the low normal. It was 64.



Her vet had her continue the medication for another 2 weeks. Last Wednesday was the 14th day. We were scheduled to go back Thursday but since her vet wouldn’t be in Alabang that day, she asked us to just go back Wednesday.



Sadly, the machine they’re using for blood test wasn’t functioning that day. The 30-minute waiting time for the result became 2 days since the blood was sent out to wherever branch they had a functioning machine.


Yesterday, Friday, I went to “encash my paycheck” near SM Bicutan and since it’s the second day of Princess’s blood test, I decided to drop by the pet’s clinic’s branch at the mall. I could ask them to call Alabang for the result and then I could buy whatever meds my baby would need just in case her platelets were still low.


Doc Rose, Princess’s vet, holds clinic in Alabang on Fridays but still, she could prescribe over the phone. Actually, it’s the fact that I didn’t wanna go back to the mall again in case Doc Rose called me up at home and I would need to buy extra meds for Princess.


I talked to a geeky male vet in Bicutan and he called Alabang for the results. Lo and behold! It was a very low 3.5! I was shocked. It’s supposed to become higher. From 30 to 64 to 3.5? Even Nika, the secretary who has become a friend over the years, was also shocked at the result. We were one in thinking there could be some machine error, or that the blood wasn’t preserved well during the send out.


The catch was that I couldn’t talk to Doc Rose cuz she’s already out that time.


I was so disturbed last night. I carried Princess and hugged her and couldn’t put her down. Paranoid as I am, I started thinking it might be something else.


I made up my mind to bring her to Alabang for a retest early in the morning. Only a retest would clear my mind. With that I called Alabang to inquire about their machine. The secretary told me it’s already working.


But then I woke up late and had to walk Princess first before giving her a bath (it’s her bath day). We finished bathing 9:30 but then I still had to blow dry her coat, which takes a lot longer than bathing.


It’s past ten when she was finally dry. And since Doc Rose was already at Animal House Bicutan by ten, I decided to call her up first.


And then I was shocked. Happily shocked, actually. She told me Princess’s blood tests were already normal. Huwatt?


But then the geeky doc told me it was a low 3.5!


Doc Rose explained that the machine used for the test uses a different unit of measure and 3.5 was actually 350 when done in their Alabang machine.


I could hear myself talking a little faster and in a higher pitch. That’s me when I am excited. And I couldn’t thank Doc Rose enough.


Buti na lang I called her up first.


She said she texted me yesterday informing me of Princess’s blood test results. But she texted my old phone, the one that got lost during the summer slam. I’m sure I’ve update my number in Princess’s records. But anyway, I’m just glad Princess is now okay.


Doc Rose also told me that she’d talk to the geeky doctor about giving me the wrong info. I found out the geeky vet is just knew with Animal House.

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