E-Games' Domination V

I was at the e-Games Domination V last April 2. I arrived at SMX around 4:00 PM while the Shure Band was performing. The band was the 2nd place winner of the battle of the bands during the R2D5 NCR leg.

The event was hosted by Eri Neeman and two other girls I didn't get the names of.

SMX was packed but I think there were more attendees last year. Well, correct me if I'm wrong but I could barely roam around last year. Or was it just the floor plan this year that made it seem more maluwang?

There were computers for free play but the line was oh-so-long. I just busied myself with watching Ran Online's "Flip Top" challenge in the game's booth. The last two standing battled it out on the main stage.

The judge was no less than Gloc9, who confessed that he doesn't freestyle himself. He just chose the one with better construction and rhyming. The one in black, named Gabby(?), won the battle, while the one in red, I guess, will be dubbed "Yo!" after that.

Audition Dance Battle also had a dancing event. Just like in Ran Online's, teams of three dancers were screened at the Audition booth and the last two remaining groups battled it out on the main stage. And one group was so obviously better than the other.

Of course Team 1 (the all-male team) won.

Highlight of the event was the cosplay competition. I had two favorites:

Unfortunately, none of these two won.

Open category was won by Rolando Logronio, a familiar name in cosplay, as Hades and Eli Chan(?) as a nymph from some anime.

E-Games category, on the other hand, had Christian Umali in the second place and Zyka Managad (?) in the first place. Zyka cosplayed a character from Granado Espada.

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