Mt. Maculot's Garbage Problems

Mt. Maculot's campsite, as I mentioned in my recent post titled Mt. Maculot: A Not-So-Pleasant-Surprise, has a big problem on waste management. It wouldn't have reached that point if all of us "mountaineers" are disciplined enough to "Leave No Trace" and if we really care about the environment.


Judging by the pile of liquor bottles, I think that some (if not most) of the hikers go up Mt. Maculot just to drink and party. Have the mountains become the new venue of Friday/Saturday/long weekend night-outs?

Perhaps some would argue, "What are the registration fees for?"

Do you think P10.00 is enough to let the locals chase our garbage in the mountains? To leave behind our water bottles and butanes so our backpacks wouldn't be as bulky when we go down?

These mountains were in peace before men learned the sport/hobby of climbing. These mountains didn't invite us to go up and spend our nights in its wilderness for a thrill. But we climb these mountains, nonetheless – as environmentalists, as thrill-seekers, as tourists. For what we don't know, these mountains perhaps consider us as unwanted visitors.

But whatever purpose we have for climbing, let's just do the mountains a favor. Please do not leave anything, especially your trash, behind.

I took a couple of videos just to show how not-so-pleasant Mt. Maculot's Rockies campsite has become.

Take a look:

2 comments :: Mt. Maculot's Garbage Problems

  1. How sad naman..sana mgkameron ulit ng malakihang clean up climb sa Mt Maculot sayang kase ang ganda nito kung patuloy ng matatambakan ng basura.

  2. I'd be very willing to join in on the clean-up. Sana nga may mountaineering group na mag-organize ng ganyan soon.

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