Outdoor Addicts Issues a Statement Regarding Adrian Alba's Demise

Outdoor Addicts, the mountaineering group Adrian Alba was with on that fateful Sunday when he got swept away by the Wawa River, has finally released a statement via their Facebook page.

The group's "non-participation" during the time Adrian's body was missing is what Adrian's family has been so angry about. They wanted to get statements from the group their loved one was with, they wanted to know the full account of what happened, but none among the group would come out and explain.

This morning, though, at exactly 10:42 AM, Outdoor Addicts posted a note titled "Our Sincerest Sympathy" on their groups Facebook page. It provides some information about how Adrian Alba was swept away by the current while they were doing a rope-assisted river crossing.


The note reads:

Our Sincerest Sympathy

We are deeply saddened by the untimely demise of our comrade Adrian Alba. We were witnesses to his spirit of adventure in the short time that we were acquainted with him. His passing is a reflection of our own mortality which we so often take for granted in our quest for discovery.

Mountaineering is a risky undertaking. The advances in technical skills and equipment are no match against mother nature. The strongest of mountaineer equipped with the most modern tools could never conquer the mountain. The mountain conquers us.

Adrian is among the brave who wanted to experience the magnificence of God’s creation. He faced the risk head-on mindful that only those who dared are rewarded. Unfortunately we mortals are no match against the raging fury of the river that washed away the life of Adrian.

Adrian spent his weekend absorbing theories and techniques in his quest to become a better mountaineer. But the Great Creator has other plans for him. He was about to cross the river brimming with excitement that a new door of adventure has been opened to him. As he was making his crossing his backpack got tangled with the safety line which prompted him to take off his backpack. Alas, as the fury of the river raged, Adrian’s grip on his lifeline loosened. His comrades risked lives and limb trying to effect his rescue but it proved futile against the river’s wrath.

The accident that caused the untimely demise of Adrian has caused us to reflect and ponder on our own mortality as mountaineers. Advances in technology could never tame nor predict mother nature. The best efforts to minimize the risk did not result to eradicating deaths. At most, it only resulted to fewer deaths. It is very tragic that it has to happen to Adrian.

Adrian may not have fulfilled his dream as a mountaineer here on earth but surely he is now in a better place than us. He has climbed the mountain yearned for in the Book of Psalms, Chapter 23, “O send out Thy Light and Thy Truth; let them lead me; Let them brim me unto Thy Holy Mountain, and to Thy dwelling place.”

We extend our sincerest sympathy to the family and friends of Adrian. We could not dare to imagine the anguish that his passing has brought and we could only hope and pray that there is anything in our power that would ease their pain.


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