Charice Humiliated While Singing Pyramid

Charice was part of Macy's End of Summer Blow Out in New York City held at Macy's Herald Square last Sunday, August 15. And they have just humiliated her while she's doing Pyramid. Watch:



If you're wondering what those screaming and commotion are for while Charice was singing Pyramid, it was said that the band BTR came during the song (starts at 1:40 into the vid) and the crowd, which was mostly their fans, started screaming. If you'll notice, Charice frowned, walked back from the catwalk towards the main stage, looked to her left as if asking someone "what are they doing there?" then faced the audience and started singing again, then seeing that the band was still there and the crowd was still gaga over them, she turned around again in what I can perceive as a walk-out gesture spreading her arms in dismay. Someone perhaps told her to go on that's why she went back to the catwalk to finish the song. Note that she didn't do the highest note of the song that happens after the rap, wiping her tears instead. This is so sad.


Ayway, watch her singing Reset and In This Song below.



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