Sts. Peter and Paul Parish, Siniloan, Laguna

I went to Siniloan, Laguna last Sunday and upon arriving at the town proper, I immediately looked for the local parish. It's one of my personal rules to first and foremost visit the local church of wherever my destination is, to give thanks for arriving there safe and to pray as well for the safety of those I left at home.

Since I wasn't really prepared for a Siniloan trip (I was scheduled to go to Majayjay that day), I wasn't able to search the net for its local church beforehand. Anyway, I was sure a local or two would be willing to give me directions to their local parish if I'd kindly ask.

I didn't have to ask anyone, though, because when the jeepney driver dropped me off in the intersection where I could hire a tricycle to go to my destination, it was in front of a church.

It's not facing the road, like most churches. It's turned sideways and is flanked along the road by all sorts of stores. It's still prominent, though, because it's way higher than the shops fronting it so you won't, by any chance, miss it when you're at the area.

When you get inside, the first thing you'd notice are the life size angels holding the Holy Water stoups.

The aisle is long enough for a descent bridal walk.

And the stained-glass windows give the lighting inside the church some drama.

I wasn't able to attend mass, though. I arrived at Siniloan around 10:30 am and the Sunday services were already finished. If it's in my local Taguig parish, that time would still be so busy with the church bursting with well-dressed ninongs and ninangs for the binyag.

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