Failed to Global.cki Download

For like 3 days now, one of my client computers won't run Special Force. The launcher won't even pop up, and instead, a small notification that says "Failed to Global.cki download (IDLE)" greets me when I click the SF icon.

As Google is my bestfriend, I searched the net for my little problem. I realized that I'm not the only one experiencing the error. But sadly, no specific solution to the problem has been given.

There is also another form of the gobal.cki error. Mine's (IDLE), right? Others get "Failed to Global.cki download (ERROR_URINOTFOUND)."

Since no one has provided a specific solution to the problem, I tried (almost) everything that has been suggested over the forums and blogs. After about 2 hours of tinkering and installing/uninstalling the client, I decided to try someone's suggestion to uninstall the MyGame launcher and let SF install it for me. I didn't try it before because after all, I have already uninstalled and reinstalled SF and it still didn't work. My logic was that when I uninstall SF, naturally, the launcher would also be uninstalled.

But no! I realized that I also have 12 Sky and CrossFire and no matter how many times I uninstall SF, the MyGame launcher won't be uninstalled cuz I still have 2 other MyGame games.

So there, the solution to the global.cki error is to uninstall the MyGame launcher from the Add/Remove Programs then click on SF and let the game re-download the launcher for you. Click next-next (the usual) when it prompts you to install the launcher and you're good after that.

Happy gaming!

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  1. thank you!!!

  2. you're much welcome =)

  3. i cant locate the mygame launcher but i have installed the game "weapons of war" game,but i can't connect because of the global.cki can i fix this..plz help???

  4. Go to Control Panel, double-click "Add or Remove Programs," locate "GameClub Launcher PH (Remove only)" and click the "Change/Remove" button on its right.

    if it's not there, you can go directly to "C:\Program Files\GameClub Launcher\PH" and double-click the file "uninst."

    After uninstalling, run Weapons of War and it will auto-download the launcher for you. Click next-next (the usual) when you are prompted to install the launcher.

    That should do it. =)

  5. mine in crossfire it wout work i tird the things you put in there but it keep saying global.cki thing so pls help T_T

  6. hmmnnn... i'm stuck here for almost 3 hours na..trying to find ways to fix this 'failed to global.cki download' shit. i'm gonna try your suggestion. sounds promising.

  7. try it sir. and lemme know what happened. it certainly worked for me.

  8. WHAT IF IT SAID "FAILED TO INSTALL" ?? this sucks =(

  9. i cant believe it.. it really worked, thanks for the help.. i've had this problem for almost a week now and i've installed and uninstalled so many times.

  10. @Anonymous: you mean the launcher? or the game itself?

  11. @milan: glad to know it worked for you, too.

  12. salamat....naayus din sakin...

  13. you're welcome, Anonymous. glad to be of help.



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