A Walk in the Dark

These pics were taken on the 2nd to the last Simbang Gabi. In all the nine mornings that I attended mass (yes I was able to complete all the nine masses), I was never able to sit inside the church. Those people who were able to I guess went there an hour before the mass started.

136_0008 136_0012

Second photo was taken on my walk home from the church at around 5:20 in the morning. That's where I walked eight times out of the nine Simbang Gabi (I took a jeepney ride one time). There’s an even darker part of the road, I took photos but it was too dark to see anything. I wouldn’t really use flash. Too risky. It might attract the attention of hoodlums hiding somewhere. LoL! But seriously, it’s too risky to use flash in that dark a place in that time of day especially when you’re alone.

But here’s a video I took using my Kodak Zx1:

It was along General Santos Ave. Here’s a map:

general santos ave map

And I went to church in Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish which is inside Bicutan Parochial School (marked A in the map).

The evening of the 24th, I attended mass with Princess wearing a Santa costume. There was no one to take a pic of her cuz I was carrying her and I don’t really put her down whenever we’re out (unless I’m taking her for a walk in which case I’d be taking her to a dog-friendly place) cuz of the dirt. Anyway, the Santa costume was the same one from last year (which you can see here).

So everyone who knows I completed the Simbang Gabi asks me what’s my wish. There’s this belief that you’ll be granted a wish when you complete all the nine masses. But I didn’t really attend Simbang Gabi for a wish to be granted. I just wanted to go to church. But then if God will let me have one wish for that, it would be good health for me and my loved ones, Princess included.

Simbang Gabi is really fun. I know I’d be doing it again next year.

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