Kid Singing in Puregold Clark

A YouTube video of a kid singing to songs like Justin Bieber's Baby and Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are is becoming a hit on the video sharing website, getting 71,000+ hits in just 3 days of posting.

Singing Kid in Clark

The talented kid who sings like a pro was camcorded by YouTube user ryaneski saying he had seen the kid in the grounds of Puregold Clark in Pampanga numerous times whenever he gets to visit the place.

The kid sells wooden flutes for a living, as is evident towards the end of the video where he brought up the flutes to sell to the people inside the car; like he allowed them to camcord him in exchange of buying his flutes.

Ryaneski further said (through the video description) that the kid "is the ONLY singing fellow over there."

"Hopefully someday he would stop selling flutes, and start selling albums," the video uploader further said.

Watch the Kid Singing in Puregold Clark video below.


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