My Beloved Flamenco

My guitar and music stand was brought out of hiding last week cuz I couldn't find a karaoke of the song I had to sing for my friend's brother's wedding. It was a good thing I've been interacting on Facebook with a neighbor who is quite known for his guitar skills.


The wedding was Thursday afternoon. Diego was so kind to study the song Wednesday night. He didn't wanna perform with me at first because he hasn't mastered the song yet. I was only able to make him say yes around 11 AM of Thursday.

We met around 2:30 PM that day and went straight to the reception venue, simultaneously sound checked and practiced for the first time. He's a pro. But he didn't wanna use his guitar so I brought mine. Plus the music stand.

Guests arrived around 3:00 PM just when we were finished practicing. We performed in the early part of the program with a little glitch from me (I forgot a word LoL!) and from Diego, but it was fine. The song, by the way, was Brian McKnight's Marry Your Daughter.

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