For the Love of Lomi

The first time I had a taste of a Batangas lomi was when Danilo and I traversed Mt. Maculot last year. We arrived so early in Cuenca, and with grumbling stomachs we walked inside the only open karinderia at that time. The lomi wasn't so nice, though, at least according to my taste buds. Thick, thick soup topped with big pieces of chicharon baboy wasn't really my type.

So when I attended a wedding in Rosario last April and the group I was with decided to try the lomi at the karinderia near the church while waiting for the wedding to start, I refused to order upon seeing that it was the same as the one I have tasted in Cuenca.


It was a different story in Anilao, though. I actually Googled about the place the night before I went there and read about how good Anilao lomi was. And since I was going near Philpan Dive Resort, someone recommended that I try the lomi of the karinderia to the left of Philpan. Knowing that it was different from the Cuenca and Rosario lomi, I ordered a bowl for P35.00 and was surprised.

The "presentation" made it look tempting, and the taste was as good as it looked.

Eggs, pork liver, veggies, chicharon... I was even surprised to see of hotdogs on it. The lomi came with slices of calamansi which you could use as much depending on how asim you prefer your lomi to be.

My small appetite wouldn't usually finish a bowl of noodles that big, but this one I almost did. And it was so heavy in the tummy that I passed on lunch that day.

Savoring the taste of Anilao lomi beside the window with billowing curtains overlooking the sea on a rainy Friday morning is something I would like to do over again.

And I guess I would really be coming back that part of Anilao someday soon. For the lomi, yes, but also for something else I failed to do while there.

Happy end of Ramadan to my Muslim friends and to all the Muslims out there!

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