It’s more like an eye than a ring

Okay, I was sleeping when the solar eclipse was happening. Good thing about the internet is that you can get updated on things in your own chosen time.

With that, I found this video of the eclipse so cool. It was recorded by the Panasonic employees in Osaka, Japan using the brand’s AF100 and AC160 cameras.

The full eclipse looked like a ring of fire, but did look like an eye to some.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between earth and the sun, thereby totally or partially obscuring the image of the sun for a viewer on earth. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon's apparent diameter is smaller than the sun, causing the sun to look like an annulus (ring), blocking most of the sun's light. An annular eclipse appears as a partial eclipse over a region thousands of kilometers wide. This is also known as Ring of Fire. –wikipedia

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