An old friend of mine deleted her Facebook account and made a new one… and hasn’t added me since.

I wouldn’t know she deleted her previous account if I hadn’t noticed I was commenting with myself in one of my wall posts. She deleted her account, hence, her comments on her friends’ posts/pictures were also deleted.

Okay, perhaps she has just overlooked me when she was adding friends in her new account, but the incident – of when I wasn’t informed when she deleted her account (OC much?) – made me curious to find out who deletes me on Facebook.

Haven’t you ever wondered why at one point you have 980 friends, then all of a sudden it becomes 979? You can’t possibly go through all of your remaining 979 friends to see who’s missing, no?

I checked G about applications that tell who deleted me on Facebook, but everything seems to have already been disabled by FB.

And since I can’t find any app for that purpose, I’ll just say “WHO CARES IF YOU DELETED ME ON FACEBOOK?” LoL!

Okay I like being friends with everyone, it’s just that if you don’t wanna be my friend, so be it. But still, I wanna know who doesn’t wanna be my friend. Haha!

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